Gaming | Anime
You are looking for a server for the new Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions? Here it is! You can look for players for pvp, help or just chatting about Captain Tsubasa.
Anime | Gaming
Hey there! You like anime or gaming? Then this is the server for you! We have a nice and growing community and you can be one of us! We also have some extra features, like games, memes or an anime-recommendation forum! The members on our server are from all over the world which means that many languages are spoken here, but don't worry, the main language is still English. Have fun!
Technology | Community
Welcome to the Community Server, Golang, here you can share your knowledge in Golang, share your github project or meet other users go the Server is multilingual
Gaming | Military
Discuss and play wargames from the tactical to operational levels! If you have an interest in gaming or military history you should enjoy here. We cater for Grognard games and in particular - Gary Grigsby - John Tiller - Flashpoint Campaigns - The Operational Art of War ( TOAW ) - Command Operations - Graviteam Tactics - Armored Brigade - Steel Panthers - Field of Glory - AGEOD and many other games by independent developers. Find opponents to play with and other players to advise and guide. Questions and answers with latest news on the titles. Private channels to follow and advise on games by others or for you.
Social | Language
Everybody from all around the world is allowed, we have a place for each language!