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A friendly Gaming community for everyone! popular video games include: | PubG | Fortnite | Path of Exiles | Rust | CS : GO | Ark | Minecraft | 7 Days to Die | The Forest | Dead by Daylight | Stardew Valley | Elder Scrolls online | +Many more!
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Share your own created memes or your stolen memes The Meme book 9.11$
Cool hangout for cool kids
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HUB MK2 (Hang out for United Broadcasters Mark 2) is about bringing people from the around the world together as a community; A place to learn other cultures, share insights of the World around them, Memes and even different aspects of the streaming/gaming community. We take pride in helping others and striving for a better world. We welcome beginners to intermediate to experienced streamers. Don’t be fooled though, you don’t have to be streamer to join this server. If you just like gaming in general and want to know more of the ins and out of different games, this is the server for you!
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A server for entertainment
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Welcome to razor have a great time!
Gaming | Community
Looking for a community of players that are active, chill and want to play with you? Join EAU (aka Evie's Among Us.) We play many other games, listen to and talk about music, talk about shows and Anime, and discussing everything interesting from current politics to ways to hide the murder weapon. We have members from all over the world and lots of new members join every day! Make new friends from all over the world today and join us!
Gaming | Streaming
hello gamer, if you want to advertise your server or play squad or something else, you are on the right place. we are nice to eachtoghter, have fun and i see you in de server :)
Language | Education
A language learning server with 20 languages available, the continuation of the original LLDC. A friendly, welcoming, and worldwide community. Talk to people from all around the world and learn languages together!
Entertainment | Anime
Looking for a place to relax and meet new people to chill with? This place is for you! We have events and activities to keep the place entertaining!
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( PT ) Venoooom é uma comunidade de uma equipa de muitos jogos e regiões ao redor do mundo. Junta-te para conviveres e conversares sobre jogos e participar em sorteios. ( ENG ) Venoooom is a team community from many games and regions around the world. Get together to socialize and chat about games and participate in sweepstakes.