FISH OF THE WEEK | Rabbit Snails

Freshwater snails from the genus Tylomelania, commonly known as rabbit snails or elephant snails, are endemic to the Sulawesi lakes in Indonesia. A few different species appear in the hobby and a majority are from Lake Poso and the Malili Lake system. These waters are somewhat soft with a high pH. Although wild populations are in decline, most snails in the aquarium trade are still being wild caught. Please consider buying captive bred snails if you choose to keep these guys!

These are large snails, some shells growing to be more than 4 inches in length. The shells are long, conical, and usually a dark brown or black. The snail's flesh is sometimes brightly colored orange or yellow. Others are black or gold-striped depending on the species. They are ovoviviparous meaning they hold onto eggs until they hatch. Although slow and timid at first, they can be trained to be more active by offering treats like vegetables and algae wafers regularly. Rabbit snails are peaceful with all tankmates however they have been known to eat softer delicate plants. The snails are omnivores and will eat algae, plant matter, and some leftover fish food.