Community | Mature
Age 20+ only, bring your personality, make some friends, and enjoy the dope company.
Gaming | Sports
This server will allow you to share pictures about your players, squads and matches. You can also be informed about new updates and announcements. And of course, you can chat with other footballers (pes players!).
Gaming | Role-Playing
Uusimaa on suomalainen roolipeli palvelin on perustettu Elokuussa 2020 ja kokenut monet suuret huoltokatkot, nyt avaamme palveimen parempana kuin koskaan! Tervetuloa mukaan, -Uusimaan ylläpito!
Gaming | Sports
This is a FIFA server which is made by the socks, Join for a great FIFA discord that is focused on FUT, we have channels for talking, trading tips and filters, music bots and more! Check out the server and its an active community that is rising fast! We talk all about FIFA, Trading, you name it! We
LGBT | Gaming
What is a Sky Bear you ask? ... Step inside my office.
LGBT | Community
*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*☆Moon Isle・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆ This is a women only server for lbtq+ people who are 20 or older. Simply a place to chill and support each other. Features ゜゚・*☆・:*:・゚’★ • island life/cottagecore themed sapphic server • poc and neurodiversity friendly (roles to be added on demand) • trans inclusive, he/him lesbian inclusive server • easy verification • no biphobia • 27 self assignable roles (more to be added on demand) • support channels for venting, positivity and self-help resources • leveling system w special roles • +60 emojis, including unique wlw ones • lgbtq+ resources (movie, book lists etc) • SFW server, NSFW channel.
Community | Social
Hey you, welcome to Euphoria! We are a 20+ server. It's a safe space for adult conversation. The main chat is SFW, with fun NSFW content to be unlocked at surprise intervals. Walk through the doors of Euphoria and leave your troubles outside. This is a drama free zone. Inhale a cleansing breath, let happiness fill your lungs and exhale excitement. Come and take a sip of refreshing flirtation. Raise your glass and relax ffs. Don't hesitate, join us and tell us all about yourself. You are welcome here.