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▶ We have a really friendly, active community that's always willing to help new players and just chat about the game, about life, or anything you can think of. Just try not to be toxic, keep racism out of your chat, ect. ▶ We have ~1000+ active members that are willing to play any time of day! Just use @here in the #Looking-for-a-game channel if no one is in a Voice Channel (VC). ▶ We have people from every region in the discord, and often have 5-15 people on at the same time in VC playing together ▶ There are many people who play using VC, as a squad, etc - so it's usually easy to find a game/people to play with Please feel free to join us and invite your friends/other players as well! We are working to create the best community we can, so bring in whoever you want to help us! We have an extremely active VC with people playing throughout the day, so if you are looking for a good group to play with, then please feel free to join us!
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Best J4J Server out there! We will ban all the bots. Get invites very quickly.
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Wir sind ein Verbund aus Menschen welche Hauptsächlich BF4& Squad spielen und dazu jeweils Server hosten. Bei uns steht im Vordergrund der Spaß alles andere ist erstmal zweitrangig