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In a world, where zombies run it all. There are these bunch of survivors that take matters into their own hands. From bats to rockets, beds to resources, No one stands a chance against this group of zombie killing survivors. Join the many still alive in the fight against the undead.
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7 days to die server and chill and game
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deadfall modded 7 days to die server nightmare overhaul
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We are Czech/Slovakian Discord comunity and we are be glad you are going to join us.
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Českoslovesnký herní server pro hráče všech typů her :). GAMING,GIVEAWAY,CZ/SK (na názvu se stále pracuje)
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ARK, 7 Days to Die, Insurgency, Sandstorm, The Forest, Minecraft, Empyrion, Space Engineers, Day of Infamy, Killing Floor 2 and more..
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Merric gaming are a group of gamers that are dedicated to making a safe, friendly, enjoyable and user friendly community in which everyone can participate no matter what age, race or gender.