◬Era Novum | A New Era◬ Call of Duty Mobile team with a dynasty in the making to become the greatest call of duty mobile team in the cod mobile history.
Call of duty fans join in have fun cheers!!
Alpha Team was established on the 27th of October, 2019. We are a team of highly trained professionals and we do not tolerate undisciplined players. We are aiming at dominating in Call of Duty: Mobile and win as much as possible of tournaments. Call of Duty Mobile Team.
Gaming server all mobile game and pc game
Hello everyone ! we don't have a million member but if you'r someone who's searching for a server with ppl online and educated persons to have fun with and get to know them this is the right place for you. Also we have everything you need on a server ! . VC . Music . helpful Bots . and more !..
An Official eSports Team For PUBGM & CODM
- Hub for all competitive gameplay - Server ran tournaments / scrims - Clan promotion - Looking for staff
A competitive CoDM clan running tourneys! Great for finding the best players for your ranked grind and joining our competitive scrimmage matches!
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Welcome to the official Channel of Call of Duty Mobile, Join us for updates and rewards.