✨ Multi-game Community ✨ Daily Gaming Events ✨ Weekly Giveaways ✨ Safe & Friendly ✨ Gaming 24/7 ✨Exp, Currency, Achievements ✨ Minecraft Server ⛏
✨ Multi-game Community ✨ Daily Gaming Events ✨ Weekly Giveaways ✨ Safe & Friendly ✨ Gaming 24/7 ✨Exp, Currency, Achievements ✨ Minecraft Server ⛏
Want to play your favorite LAN games with other players from all around the world? Well, now you can! Join MR-GAMER™ LAN Server, and start playing your favorite games with more than 4500 players! We currently host many titles, like: 1. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (all versions are playable, starting from 1.0 up to the latest Burnt Horizon. Yes you can still play Jager and Bandit in their ACOG glory!). 2. ARMA III. 3. CALL OF DUTY: WORLD WAR II. 4. DYING LIGHT: THE FOLLOWING - PRISON HEIST 5. ROCKET LEAGUE. 6. THE FOREST, and more. - Visit MR-GAMER™ website to download the supported games and many other awesome games https://www.mr-gamer.net/ - Join MR-GAMER™ LAN Server Discord Community https://discord.gg/vq9MeZH See you there soon! MrMeDoALi
We play video games, and hold tournaments, you hear my g?
Detroit based PC Gaming and Airsoft enthusiasts group.
SaVaGe ReBirth is Small Fast Growing Community. It is the Best Place to Get Rid of Depression. You'll Find Girls Ratio same as Boys. We have Every Thing to Make Server the Best. We accept Every Gender but 13+. The Server manage by YouTuber. If You need a Friendly, Chill, Gaming & Social Environment SaVaGe ReBirth is The Best Option. In Server we have Movie Nights, Music Nights and Different Competitions Like Singing, Dancing and Much More. The Staff is Very Polite and Friendly. People are Active and Amazing. Hope You'll Enjoy Our Company!
RURU is a Discord community server for PT6 players. RURU'S main purpose is to increase the Plutonium community and gain more players on PT6 servers.
Deutsche Multigaming Community sucht Nachwuchs! Liebe PC-Zocker, Wir, die Bad Ass Multigaming Community suchen Nachwuchs für unsren Discord Server! WIr sind seit 2016 aktiv, gegründet als einer der ersten Discords damals zur Pre-Alpha von Escape from Tarkov. Mittlerweile haben wir uns durch die durchwachsene Anzahl von Mitgliedern entschieden eine Multigaming-Community zu werden. Jeder der gern PC zockt... Shooter wie EFT, CoD, Apex, Pubg, RoE, R6 o.Ä. als auch Survivaltitel wie Dayz u.A und viele Andere Titel... ist hier willkommen. Wir sind kein Clan und wollen auch keiner sein! Es soll eine angenehme Atmosphäre herrschen, jeder soll sich hier jederzeit einem Sprachchannel anschließen können und willkommen sein. Der Link funktioniert nur, wenn ihr auf der Desktopapp angemeldet seid - NICHT - über den Browser! 0n3Tap2x_Tv
A group of hardcore gamers from Poland playing mostly war FPS/RTS games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Company of Heroes etc.
We are a friendly community of gamers who actively play and support Battlefield Bad Company 2, Call of Duty and many other games. Come join us because playing together is more fun!
Welcome to the COD Discord server where you can meet new people to have a nice time with or just find people to join your Squad and dominate the battlefield today!
Discord Call of Duty : France uniquement dédié aux jeux de la franchise Call of Duty, viens discuter et trouver des joueurs avec qui jouer, nous sommes déjà +4000 membres !
Gezellige Nederlands talige PS4 server!
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Black Ops 4 Black Ops 2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Modern Warfare Call of Duty: World War 2 Infinite Warfare
Para descontrair, e ser feliz! Respeite as Regras.
Call of Duty: Mobile Indonesia Discord Server.
This server follows Discord's TOS, any violation of these terms of service by any member will be taken upon by the staff team to review and implicate the necessary punishments.
Welcome to the official Discord server of Untamed Spirits [UnS]! This is a public gaming oriented Discord server! Looking to create a nice positive community.
An Official eSports Team For PUBGM & CODM
Singularity Network is the official server for the Singularity Network youtube channel. If you join our server you have the right to create custom emojis for the server & apply for staff. This server is opensource so members can request channels to be added.
Welcome to the official Ethereal Esports tournament discord! Tournaments will be announced at the beginning of every week feel free to check the tournaments channel for more information. Outside of weekly tournaments the Ethereal Esports Tournament discord was created to help teams and players connect with each other. We know how hard it is to find players to compete with and against, our community has your back. Our discord is sponsored and powered by Ethereal Esports we use our community to scout players for our funded rosters.
We are a Team who have been playing battlefield BFV , APEX, COD, R6S and many other games, we are very friendly people from all over the world. please feel free to introduce your self to our members and server Admins. There is no need for applications to join our team, All we ask is you join in with us when you can and have fun
Biggest and the best CoD Modern Warfare server community. Join now !
Server looking to grow a twitch community and help grow everyone's twitch that is in the server. Kind of like a support for support server in a sense.
Competitive Pokecord Gym System, fight to become a Gym Leader! Giveaways, Tournaments and Leagues. Gaming Organization made in Portugal. We are home for Fortnite, CS:GO, Pokémon, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, DOTA, APEX, Fifa, Rocket League, GTA, World of Warcraft, AFK Arena, Vainglory, Smashing Four, Pokémon, Pokecord, Call of Duty Mobile. Daily giveaways and merchandise. This all started with one clan in Clash Royale, we eventually grew to the biggest gaming organization in Portugal. We even made it to national TV at some point! We are now home for many gamers with multiple clans in multiple games and always expanding. We decided to open our community's boarders to international waters meaning Gavetas is now an English speaking server and we are opening english speaking clans in many games. So far we run competitive professional eSports teams for Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, League of Legends. Fortnite and Rocket League.
In this server you can expect to find a bunch of other dedicated and casual Modern Warfare players! Find your next Squad today!
plz come play games with us
If not important that you should be only MC, Pubg, Cod. We have just made there channels because mostly people play those game. But no worries we have common channels also and Games Tag from there you can see what games users play.
**About Us** • Our priority is to ensure everyone has a good experience and learns something new. We welcome players of all skill levels and play styles. We enjoy other various military titles such as Squad, Arma 3, & more. A few of us tend to stream from time to time. Feel free to stop in and say hello! **Things To Know** • We have experienced Sherpas • We have detailed guides, maps, & more • We have recommended guidelines for in-raid • No required clan tags or strict rules • 18+ maturity level (no age requirement) • We are an English speaking community **Join Our Discord** • https://discord.gg/q3fSywV
Gaming server that spans from Runescape, League, and CS:GO, to Call of Duty, Borderlands, and Outer Worlds. With over 150 members from all over the world, we're active at almost all times of day. 3 years old and over 6 million messages and still gong strong, you'll always find someone to talk to.
Modern Warfare community, Building content creation team and pro team. From blogs to videos, streaming and tournament based team with a website. Looking for dedicated members.
This Community Is For All Games Across All Devices. PS4 XBOS PC MOBILE SWITCH
Tagalog / Filipino Call of Duty Modern Warfare discord server
The Hive is somewhere you can go to become part of an all-inclusive community to include all your hobbies and strange addictions. Fly on in and say hi. :)
Come and join Stryk! We are a small gaming clan We're based around -Call of Duty -Rainbow Six Siege -Plants vs. Zombies -PUBG -MORE -Going to be doing small tournaments within the next couple of weeks/months!
game community for all to find people to play with.