Meme | Entertainment
no rules, chaotic, fun
Meme | Entertainment
We are a cult dedicated to chaos! Taking over discord as respectfully and chaotically as we can. With a bunch of fun bots and nice people
Gaming | Entertainment
A Chaotic Neutral Gaming Community. We play a large variety of game, MMOs/FPS/MOBAs/and more. Guild/Clan formed in most games. Black Desert League of Legends Warframe Robocraft Call of Duty Overwatch Apex Legends
Community | Beliefs
Anarchy based server where users have extra perms
Community | Meme
At the time of writing me have 1025 members and 34 bots. We never ever take ourselves seriously and are quite relaxed we welcome you to join our server with a semi shitty community of losers and crackheads
Entertainment | Social
Minecraft bot and friends. (What else is there to say? It’s fun, come join!)
Admin, that's it.
Anime | Community
It’s a nice, friendly and active community !! We have many bots and channels for you to use! There’s many self-roles, emotes, and we’re always taking suggestions for new things ! :)) You won’t regret joining (we’re also a bit chaotic though)