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International Transport Corporation : A Virtual Company For The Video-Game Euro Truck Simulator 2.
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Good Community, New Server, Fandoms Welcome, Any Race, Most Interests, A Server For Everything In One.
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This is a company server for the upcoming MMO New World. Come join us if you are a Covenant and want to be part of a Company in the game! :D
Business | Role-Playing
A company that trades stocks and investment advice also focused on Start ups and Venture capitalist activities
Official server for a new company, Ellaton. Ellaton is a server hosting provider. | Website: | Teamspeak: | Twitter:
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__Welcome to Junior Sky Factory Inc.!__ We Sell stuff for the public community! We also will buy certain stuff that we need from the community! __**Services**__ We have **Woodwork Factory** - We will trim down your wood peices into Planks for you in game, your welcome to watch it happen or go off on to your island and do whatever you need to pass the Time! We have **Blacksith Factory** - We will smelt your Iron ore, Gold Ore, and what ever you need to be smelted into Ingots // Smelted items that you are in need of but dont have any Industrial Smelters or have the time to smelt it all yourself! We also have **Baker Factory** - We will cook any of your food for Quests, Health or just want to display and share! __**Disclaimers!**__ We don't allow any scamming of any sort. We are a really well known trusted company / People, there hasn't be
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Xastor is an upcoming company of multiple things, the OS behind it will be revolutionary, with features of media, gaming and more, it also will feature its own app store, with its own browsing, themes and more. The OS is based upon the android open source project. Joins us on our way to great success everyone who helps gets credit.
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This server will allow you to give feedback on its various projects and have your opinions heard and implemented not only in comics and art but also on this very server!
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A Family-Friendly Community Server!
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A community server which makes games for Roblox.
Malverny Hosting is a website for a cheap and fast minecraft hosting service or website service , the website is fairly new and im working on the website solo , I’m looking for some staff aswell. And more developers (especially ones who know PHP)