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VR eSports leagues news, broadcast and community organisation FSO. We currently promote and help organise 4 VR league communities and are building two new additions. Follow on twitch:
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Here you can apply your trio and compete against other trios simple huh! We whould appreciate that you joined! GOOD LUCK!
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Condemned is a team-focused gaming community with a 12-year history of dominating the battlefield in PvP while attaining multiple world first throughout a variety of titles. We value comradery, organization, and fair play. If you're looking for a competitive guild with a unified vision, Team CND may be the community for which you’ve been searching.
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A server with one goal in mind, to bring everyone together! At the moment, the people aspect is mildly lacking, so I wish to gain as many friendly people as possible. The server is only gonna grow from here! Make sure to join to when it blows up, you'll have a high rank!
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Community server for the video game "SpeedRunners".
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YOU! Yes, YOU looking at this right now! Are you tired of playing with strangers on fill? Are you tired of just always playing by your self and your same friends every other day? Well, this wonderful server is for you! We provide a simple and efficient system where you just request a duo partner or squad-mates to either 1v1 or play with and someone is sure to reply back within seconds! We also have other amazing channels including team recruitment, memes, self-promotion, zone wars, custom games, other games, and much more! 1 v 1 Fortnite is the best growing Fortnite server for social connectivity among many gamers just like you! Join now to become one of the many 3000+ members!
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Gaming and Streaming server where people can meet new people
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Competitive battling in pokemon, and having fun in the game we love most.
For overwatch gameplay! Good times gaming specified in different ranks and skills so you can get the experience you want! :D ENJOY <3 NERF THIS ;)
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We are Dawn, an upcoming team with a burning passion About Us: - We are based in Europe, but we also operate on NA - We offer positions in multiple games such as Fortnite , Valorant And Rocket League. - We've got a professional management with lots of experience What We Offer: - A fun and active Community - Assets for Twitch and YouTube - Free professional quality GFX and VFX - Merch - A Professional Website What We Are Looking For: - Competitive Players - Creative Warriors - Content Creators - GFX - VFX Hey! Thank You For Showing your interest in Dawn Entity. If you are interested in applying for the team, please join our discord server. You'll be able to find info on how to join and can speak to our members there! Thank you for reading and please share the server link below!
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Are you currently looking for a team that will help you reach your potential and be the best possible rocket league player you can be? Are current competitive games and rank not filling that gap to win? This drive is needed for all players that want to make it in the Rocket League world. Team Twilight is an upcoming roster with access to league and previous competitive experience we are a community made by players for players and promote nothing but fairness and competition. Our goal is to qualify for RLCS but we need your help. If you want to join a team you will be welcomed by a captain like myself on specific tryout days during the first 2 weeks of the teams development change it as you wish. When you are there you will be greeted by many other players looking for success and help you improve your rank and expand your horizons. Additionally we want people to join our community so that we can grow stronger as a whole. Note: We accept all ranks gold+ and any region.
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League MAX is a dedicated community server for everything League of Legends. If you're looking to chat, play or compete, we have you covered. Here we try and eliminate as much toxicity as possible allowing everyone to just focus on having fun. We can't stop your team going 0/10 but we can give you a place to work off the tilt. Our server features roles for both YouTube and Twitch content creators to promote themselves. Ranked roles for those who want to flex their climb and even friendly tournaments run by us so that people can experience a fun, competitive environment without the stress of Ranked or Clash. If you're an aspiring player, creator, coach or caster, League MAX is the place for you!