Do you wanna to kick back and game with people who work together? But don't sacrifice their children to the video game gods. Then this is the place for you. Come join the most LayZ fools this world has ever seen.
The Waiting Room, where all gamers, chads, and e-girls get together to share content, play together, connect, and wait on The Doctor.
Gamers, Content Creators and Techies Safe Haven!
Creation hub is a server designed to help content creators grow, we started in december before closing down due to exams and reopened this school year.
Join us and you won't regret it!
MineWorld is a content creation SMP server and community with the core principle of connecting minecraft content creators with each other and establishing a community that can help foster growth.
Exiled Guardian Kings is constantly growing one stop gaming community full of people just like you and me. If you're a casual player or a hardcore player Exiled Guardian Kings is your community. Let's Thrive Together!
A discord community centered around gaming, anime, and chatting. We host gaming lobby events frequently and let the server decide the game we play in events. Our server also contains a leveling system that allows those active in it to accumulate more permissions. We strive to be as fair as possible. Come join the Sanctum! Owner: LelReaper Co-Owner: CodePapa
➼We are a fun loving community of gamers, anime lovers, memers and all types of creative geniuses! ➼We're a small but growing community. ➼We want to meet new people and just have a good time. ➼We are a very social and always welcome new people We are a space themed fun loving community of gamers, anime lovers, memers and all types of creative geniuses! - You can do what ever you want here just don't break the easy and minimal rules or you'll be muted by staff member - Our server has: ➼ Bots like Mudae, tatsumakiYggdrasil and more. ➼Various channels on different topics like anime-manga, book club, music centre, theatre, gaming etc. and some NSFW channels too ➼Daily question of the day (QOTD) ➼Sometimes we have movie nights for us to enjoy Come in and join the family!!