Art | Anime
100% Art, 100% Touhou. All mediums, from physical to animated. Bring your favorites, share your own, and collect others. Get creative!
Community | Art
Home of the classic Touhou gamers and partiers! Play and talk about the canon Touhou bullet-hell games! Now servicing players of Touhou 18: Unconnected Marketeers! Translations and Downloads!
Music | Art
Bass Heritage is a music mainly discord, for production, music sharing, dj stuff, different kind of contests, and we host virtual festivals, we could hire you if you're dj.
The Word Arena is a brand new server that is centered around perpetual writing contests and events! Want to show off your skills and hone your writing skills via trial by fire? Then this server is for you! Heavy moderation is also one of my major pet peeves, so I also want to make this a totally laid-back, chill server. I also have interests in maintaining a small-to-medium user list, so invites may be closed some time in the future. Join in now if you want to get in on the fun!
Meme | Entertainment
A nice snazzy server with a bird theme. Post memes, art, chat, 41 bird emojis, active owner and much more! No tolerance for NSFW, Swearing, spamming, and unkindness.
Hobbies | Community
Your hobbies, new friends, great times. Check it out and stay!
Art | Anime | Entertainment
An animation and drawing server with weekly cash contests for artists. If you can draw or animate, come and participate!
Art | Community
A place for people to discover a new hobby during quarantine. Gardening! You can also show off your arts and crafts, and there is a contest to make a logo! We also hope we inspire you to make your own servers, based on other hobbies you can pursue during quarantine!
Anime | Gaming
A good place to chat , play and many more things
Art | LGBT
Draw an adorable bear, vote on your favorite submissions, and try your luck at winning Discord Nitro & free art! Join the Fat Bear Week inspired Art Event today!