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Discord Brasileiro para a comunidade de CyberPunk 2077 Venha conhecer e trocar ideias, teorias, conversar e interagir com outros jogadores de CyberPunk 2077! Servidor da Rede Brasil Gaming Club
New cyber server trying to start up to raise a community for people of all ages interested in cyber and anything related to get together
Technology | Community
Bug Bounty Hunter Den (BBHD) is a discord server were bug bounty (BB) hunters (and also BB program organizers) can meet, discuss, share knowledge.
Role-Playing | Music
᎒ Welcome to AUXORIA You’re a new citizen? Well, come right up! I’m sure you wondering about what this place is. I’ll be your guide, come follow... ࿔ Here is a few things you’ll find in this city: ‹ Cyberpunk Theme › ‹ Inspired by NCT 127's Superhuman › ‹ Lively atmosphere › ‹ Roleplay as a robot or citizen › ‹ Events every now and then ›
Community | Technology
This is a public server based around Linux users and other hackers. We offer support, training and a community for everyone interested. No restriction to entry but make sure to read the #rules when you connect.
Technology | Education
Premium Town - The perfect server to get your hands on some high quality & exclusive content.
YouTuber | eSports
Friendly Gaming Community! New tips and tricks about games :) Community server of a youtube content creator MrCyberSquad!!
Community | Social
A Cyberpunk-themed Discord server. Rengkok City is a pretty small server, but special perks will be granted to the first 50 citizens.
Technology | Community
Cloud Architecture and Security (CaaS) is a brand-new server for professionals and those interested in: DevSecOps, Cloud Architecture, Security Engineering & Architecture, Blue Team, Red Team, and all other related roles!
Role-Playing | Writing
this is a extual rp server made by rp fans, there is some lore made and can be upgraded with players. the rp already started but you can still join here a little presentation : you are in a cyberpunk world there were a war between two continent 30 years ago. one of them was destroyed and is now "the monster continent" the second continent is "asteria", it is controlled by corporations. monsters come to attack cities so a "the defence Corps" was created, this military group protect peoples from monsters when there is an attack. professional members of this group are calle the "Defenders". your members of "silver wolf" academy in "emerald city", staff members of student.
Anime | Gaming
Gaming and Anime Server with a Friendly Environment and a Cyber Punk Aesthetic.
Gaming | Community
Serveur Communautaire français lié au jeu CyberPunk développés par CD PROJEKT RED. Ce discord a pour but de ramené la communauté française de CyberPunk. Nous espérons que le discord sera a votre attentes.