Art | Education
Offical D2 Discord Server
Gaming | Business
We are here to provide services for all of your Destiny PVP needs. We also provide services for Pinnacle weapons from Gambit and Vanguard as well.
Gaming | eSports
Public gaming community for playing games, gaming news and memes! Need a place to chill? Join the server and come say hi!
Gaming | Streaming
Hardcore Destiny 2 clan with active leadership, nitro perks, an evolving atmosphere, and a unique rank structure. We beat every challenge Destiny threw at us, so we're making up our own, much harder, challenges--and we're beating those, too. Curious? Come find out what Autarkeia's all about.
Gaming | Mature
A Destiny 2 discord server to find fireteams , find clans or just to get daily/weekly/eververse/xur (and more) reset information. Come along.