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FiveM Roleplay Server. Server IP: Illinois State RolePlay |
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Pennsylvania Department of Justice Roleplay (PADOJRP) is a FiveM roleplay community based on the US State of Pennsylvania.
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A FiveM Role Play community consisting of; Police, Fire, EMS, Civilian & Communications. Made for you to give you the freedom you want in Role Play. Create/take part in new and unique role plays and be proud to be a member of the new Sunrise DOJ.
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WELCOME TO CLEARWATER RP!! we have robbery's at 24/7 and bank's, We have a ESX/Vmenu server with food and water turned off we so you can focus on more money for ROLE PLAY we are always looking for cool people to join and have fun with us and are adding new stuff every week. So we would like to see you here so come on down and help make a server you'd like to call home. We are a small server on a gigabyte size so there is a less load time.