IP:soon YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqRR85oikmqjw4ucPnfeYVQ
Thin Line RP is a public FiveM server that focuses on hardcore and in-depth roleplay. Every character has a background and story line. We encourage members to participate in events and to HAVE FUN!!!! -Custom Cars -Hardcore Roleplay -Player Owned Businesses -Controller Friendly -New Mods In Server every week. -Active / Professional Staff -Add constant development based on user feedback. -------------------------------------------------- Requirements - Must have a working microphone -Follow all server rules -Must be able to fully understand rules and regulations. -Do not break character ( unless staying OOC) -Must have TeamSpeak3
Check out a list of our features https://forum.fivem.net/t/en-livin-lavish-a-lavish-lifestyle-economy-custom-cars-jobs-shops-50-000-starting-money-realistic-recruiting/719211
FiveM Roleplay Server. Server IP: Fourth North RP | Test Server | discord.me/fnrp
What do we offer? -18+ -Economy Server -Complex drug system -Immersive criminal activities -Phone -Un-furnished homes with catalogue menu and private garage -Vehicle Financing (no dealer required) -In-Game Police MDT System AND MUCH MORE.
Ben je op zoek naar een leuke roleplay server? Dan zit je bij Den HaagRPtm goed. Wij hebben een hoop leuke dingen in de server. - Custom plugins - Custom autos - Car dealer job - Realistiche overheids kleding - Eigen bedrijfen! @here