We are a Garrys Mod "clan". We are most likely always on Server #5
IP:soon YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqRR85oikmqjw4ucPnfeYVQ
Thin Line RP is a public FiveM server that focuses on hardcore and in-depth roleplay. Every character has a background and story line. We encourage members to participate in events and to HAVE FUN!!!! -Custom Cars -Hardcore Roleplay -Player Owned Businesses -Controller Friendly -New Mods In Server every week. -Active / Professional Staff -Add constant development based on user feedback. -------------------------------------------------- Requirements - Must have a working microphone -Follow all server rules -Must be able to fully understand rules and regulations. -Do not break character ( unless staying OOC) -Must have TeamSpeak3
We are a small fivem community that is trying to grow. Any new members would help us. Also we have whitelisted officers, customs cars, and a CAD!
Check out a list of our features https://forum.fivem.net/t/en-livin-lavish-a-lavish-lifestyle-economy-custom-cars-jobs-shops-50-000-starting-money-realistic-recruiting/719211
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