Galaxy Roleplay 16+ GalaxyRP är en nystartad server. Vi har en bra rp nivå på servern med ungefär 120 + whitelistade. Vi är en seriös server där spelare på servern kan påverka väldigt mycket, vi tillämpar vårat arbete på servern efter spelarnas önskemål. Vill du starta upp ett gäng med eget klubbhus? Vill du spela på en server med inget lagg? Då har du kommit rätt. **Vad erbjuder vi?** - 32 Slots. - Whitelist. - Inget lagg på servern. - Aktiva, seriösa & erfarna staffs. - 16 + [Undantag] - Svenska poliskläder. - Svenska ambulans kläder. - Lediga chefsjobb. - Seriösa spelare. - Unika scripts. - iPhone 8. - Motell. - Gäng [ MC, Maffia, MS13 och Shottaz. [ KLUBBHUS TILL ALLA GÄNG ] - Låg ekonomi. Vi söker också staff + personer till alla chefs jobben, btw. Välkommen till oss!
Comunidade Portuguesa de RP no FiveM.
Servidor Portugues de RP!
Public Roleplay, the fun and friendly fivem team that can be used at your disposal!
Servidor de roleplay en la plataforma de FiveM
Vi er en dansk server dedikeret til RP på FiveM! Vi håber du nyder dit ophold!
Communauté de Grand Theft Auto RolePlay sur la plateform FiveM
Das ist der Discord, des deutschen InfinityRP FiveM Server
Servidor De RolePlay Português ! 25K iniciais | Plugins Unicos | Direção Amigavel e Sempre bem disposta ! | Admins Always Online !
Hello everyone, I would like to formally talk to you about Stampede Roleplay Who are we? Well Stampede Roleplay is a brand new RP server! Who are we looking for? We are looking for only the best, we do not want people coming in, messing about or breaking the rules. SERIOUS RP ONLY. We are also looking for mature and trust worthy individuals for our staff team, depending on your experience etc you will either start as a trial mod or a full mod “No Admin Positions will be given out at the start” If you are interested in joining then please come and give us a go, we will try our best not to let you down. We urgently need players to get this server up and going.
🌄 StateRP - Polski serwer RolePlay 🌄 🕵️ Co możemy zaoferować?: 🕵️ 🛢️ Stabilną maszynę z ochroną Anty-DDoS. 🛢️ 🌵 Rozgrywka tocząca się w Blaine County (Paleto/Sandy) 🌵 📡 64 sloty (OneSync) 📡 👕 Customowe stroje (Sheriff, AMR i wiele innych) 👕 🏢 Wiele nowych otwartych budynków (MLO i interiory) 🏢 🚓 Otwarta rekrutacja do wszystkich frakcji. 🚑 💣 Możliwość apelacji o mafię, kartel bądź gang. 💣 🚗 Wiele pojazdów importowanych, które na bieżąco są dodawane, również te które zaproponują nam gracze. 🚗 🔧 Innowacyjne skrypty - tj. Napady na kasy fiskalne, bankomaty, Zaawansowany tablet BCSO, Napad na transport z gotówką, zdrapki i wiele wiele więcej. 🔧 ⌚ Aktywną, sprawiedliwą i wyrozumiałą administrację ⌚ 💰 Tryb gry EasyRP/MediumRP 💰 💳 Całkowity brak Pay2Win 💳 📝 Brak wymogu pisania podania na WL w formie pisemniej, wystarczy przyjść na samą rozmowę 📝 📶 Serwer bez wysokich ograniczeń wiekowych do Whitelisty (Która na chwilę
Necessitas de ajuda para configurar o teu servidor de FiveM? Ou tens erros? Entra já e nós resolvemos os teus problemas em segundos! Não hesite!
Servidor de RolePlay português. Criado para os jogadores se puderem divertir enquanto fazem roleplay.
Dag iedereen! Dit is de FiveM discord server van WitteveenRP Wij zijn een roleplay server die er alles aan doet om de spelers gelukkig te maken. Hier kan je alle regels en andere zaken vinden die nodig zijn! Groet WitteveenRP bestuur
Hello welcome to ForceEdgeRP here at FORP we are a role play server for PC FiveM we have active staff and we are a new community so please come by and check out the great community
Este servidor foi criado com um grande objetivo, fazer bons roleplays. Melhorar o roleplay de Portugal, ser tão bons como os servidores ingleses! Espero que gostem do servidor. Fiquem atentos, novas actualizações a caminho!
Discord dedicado ao Servidor de RolePlay Draken RP
Check out a list of our features
Development Discord to help others learn and improve in their knowledge of coding. Most of our work is based around Discord Bots and FiveM (Specifically Standalone and ESX Frameworks.)
Server ctreated by: H4CK3R D0 B3M
Lostmines RP:n virallinen Discord serveri.
Los Santos Regional Roleplay we are a FIVEM Roleplay Server, we have a dedicated server and have whitelisted Law Enforcement with custom skins and vehicles, we also have Lasso's Tactical Vest, We have a State Police department and Federal Police Department which you can apply for same for Fire/EMS , we run ESX on the server you can buy a range of Addon cars and also we have a CAD. Visit website at
Gangster's Paradise Role-Play is a "life-like" GTAV server where 32 players can all log on at once and become whoever they wanna be! Our server has Realistic economy with gas stations to provide cars with fuel and item shops to supply food and drink. Players can get involved in the good life with a steady job or they can choose the life of crime! Our server has been Developed since February of 2019. We are GANSTERS!
StadiRP - Suomalainen RP-kokemus - Servun takana on laaja kokemus RP-servuista & servuista yleisesti - Tarjoamme ystävällisen, mukavan & hauskan kokemuksen - Meiltä löydät aktiiviset pelaajat - Modi autoja on servulla - Tervetuloa!
Home of the Australasian Reborn FiveM RolePlay server.
Hey jij daar! Heb jij zin om op een leuk roleplay server te spelen? Ontvang dan je warm welkom in DenBoschRP! Hier kun je oneindig veel plezier beleven en veel nieuwe vrienden maken! Ga werken bij de Politie of de Ambulance, Koop de dikste en de vetste auto's bij de auto winkel! En nog heel-veel-meer! Lijkt het jouw leuk om een kijkje te nemen op de server? Join dan nu de discord! Met vriendelijke groet en tot snel, De beheerders Sven & Yarno
FiveM Brasil Developers
Signal 11 Gaming Community We have prided ourselves on realism and professionalism, while still bringing something for all to enjoy. We are a gaming community that share interests in and play a wide variety of games together. We look forward to unique and serious role-play scenarios within our FiveM server, and would like you to join us here at Signal 11 Gaming! FiveM Server Features ►ESX ►EUP ►Custom Content ►Purchasable Properties (In-Game) ►TeamSpeak ►Active Staff ►Female Playerbase ►Much More!! --------------------------------------------- ►Forum - ►Teamspeak IP - ts-signal11gaming ►Discord -
We are a newly Developed ESX Fivem server and supportive committee. We have recently started and we have Dev's working to the best of their ability's to make a awesome rp experience. So you can enjoy time with us. To be able to reach our hopes and dreams of owning a dope server. My friend Shane Foster is a Developer for this server and he is devoting his hard work and time into making it awesome. Atm we are working on the website as we speak and also a civilian Cad. We hope to see you in town sometime soon. City Name- East Coast RP. Custom Cars, Cus
Features : Being a cop - Custom Script Being a medic Over 300+ customs vehicles - Custom/Public Over 150+ Activities Over 500+ Living Options 50 Slots so all we are missing is you!?