Project Blue is a Florida based roleplaying server with experienced developers running with very powerful tech. We are currently looking to accept new and experienced staff to help us in our journey to the top.
**DOJ XRP - DOJ Xbox RP Community** *We are in no way affiliated with DoJRP on Fivem PC* *The DOJ XRP Strives for professionalism and realism!* Hello There! My name is Tyler M. and I am the Director here at DOJ XRP and I would like to invite you to join us on Xbox or as Dispatch on PC and have fun! What we offer: - No Application Needed! Not even an Interview! Really quick and simple! - Quick Trainings if needed! Trainings are given out to those who patrol poorly or those who want them! - We offer 5 different Departments! — All are open! - We use the Overseer CAD/MDT! Please consider joining! You won’t regret it! We are heavily looking for members and staff right now!!
Custom CAD Mature Community StrictRP Custom Cars Custom Skins Custom Scripts
--------------------- Welcome to San Andreas RolePlay Community! --------------------- We are a Xbox GTA5 RolePlay comuntiy based in the UK, here to make ROLEPLAYS on Xbox be best they possibly can! We have fully set out training sessiona Custom CAD integrated into our discord for ease of use. We have over 100 roles/jobs so you can pick what you like. We have a civ ranking system. No Fail RP To join please click the link below and head over to fill out an application!!
FiveM Roleplay Server. Server IP: Illinois State RolePlay |
Department Of Living Justice DOLJ was created by Patience in a effort to provide excellent roleplay for the community, while still be able to have a good time and fun! We only play on PS4 GTA but plan to expand to XBOX and FiveM We currently offer a lot of departments, sub-divisions and jobs for all departments. Currently Open • Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) • FireFighter (SAFD) • Paramedic (SAMD) • 911 Communications (Dispatch) • Civilian (Civ) To increase our RP potential we use a CAD system. This helps us by letting civilians create cars, weapons and more. LEO by searching up names, citations, panic button and more! We like to keep everything fresh so we refresh/change CADs every few months.
Heat Wave Roleplay Fivem Server
WWDOJRP is a FiveM Roleplay community. We as a community strive to create a living, breathing world, an immersive world that you can lose yourself in, our Staff Team is friendly and helpful who are more than happy to guide you into the world of GTAV Roleplay, We have many roles for you to take up, from Law Enforcement Officer in the LSPD or the Sherrif Department, to emergency services and dispatch, we also have a dedicated Car Dealership, want an exclusive car? then it could be yours! Join us today and see the world of WWDOJRP!
join this server for lots of fun and music videos . ALSO SUB TO PEWDS!!
We are a RP group that has grown a lot over the past few months. we are a new sever and a non white listed server that allows for volunteer police, fire, and medic. We are a DOJ based server that follows the same type of guidelines as DOJ although we our not white listed.