Hello! We're a chill community for fate fans or rpg game fans in general. Friendly people, events like Giveaways and wars, and fun bots like pokecord, astolfobot and waifu bots.
Magyarul Don't Starve-ozni vágyó játékosoknak.
Daeron's Family server is oriented to stay in contact with Daeron and play with him.
The purpose of this server is to create a community of people who love to play Don't Starve/Together. I hope for this to be a place where people can make friends, share their creations and discuss anything regarding DS/DST. I also hope that this can be a place for us to find new people to play DST with! Along with that we have some voice channels for those who want to chit chat or play with other members!
We are a friedly Don't Starve Together group who hosts a lot of DST servers :)
This server is about videogames like don’t starve together, rainbow six siege, gaming in general, YouTube, role play etc it’s just a server to have a community about anything