Community | Bot
A Discord server for ducks.
Meme | Entertainment
A server for people who like ducks
Community | Emoji
What do we offer? :crown: An active owner. :warning: Good moderation. :smiley: A safe server. :sunglasses: Cool emojis. :video_game: Gaming chat and VC. What we need Members Staff What we dont have NWSF :fire: Join Now! :fire:
We are a community server, duck and government themed. All are welcomed, both duck and non duck. We are always open to suggestions so that this server can be a place for everyone. Come visit, you don't need a visa.
Social | Emoji
A small and friendly discord server run for friends, by friends. Run by ducky and marley, come on over if you just want a chill way to spend time. Open to anyone, feel free to join anytime. We'll see you there soon <3 BOTS INCLUDE: - Discord Fast Food (now known as Virtual Diner) - MEE6 - Mudae (and Mudabutler 60) - Mantaro - carl-bot - Groovy - Marriagebot - OwO - PokéRealm (Pokécord clone) - Dank Memer - Rythm - Restarter v3 - Tatsumaki (now known as Tatsu) - TacoShack - LittleCloud - Yui Server Stats (as of 08/24/2020) - Server Boost level 1 - 33 static emotes - 40 animated emotes - 18 duck-based emotes - 21 Milk & Mocha based emotes
Duck emote server, hand-drawn by the owner of the server Also has some other cute emotes :)
Gaming | Growth
Duck Game Academy is the place to learn about Duck Game! Players of all skill are welcomed.
Community | Gaming
A Roblox Duck Discord for a group, with automatic duck images, roblox images, memes, and game bots with all sorts of games.