A nice small but growing community that have achieved the secrets of immortality through Lolis and friends. Join if you want to just chill and meet new people, or are an otakuu at heart.
Cool minecraft community
Welcome to Belan's server! A fun chill hangout place
A Bloxburg Building server.
It is a great roleplay server located in a city on an island
CSGO, Minecraft, FiveM community
Welcome to FeaturedSpace... We're an up and coming minecraft server with new and unique server types such as: • OneShot. • Survival RPG. • Red vs Blue (with guns) We strive to make this a player friendly environment. If you're looking for a new and unique experience, come join and support us on our awesome adventure! Make sure to check #announcements for new and exciting updates!
★ JACOB'S HANGOUT ★ We are a very cozy welcoming server. We would love to meet you 💖 We offer: 🌹 self roles 🌹 interactive bots 🌹 roleplay channel 🌹 talk about anything 🌹 100 emojis 🌹 welcoming server And, if there is anything we don't have, you can suggest it and we will take a poll on it. ★ JACOB'S HANGOUT ★
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Hello and Welcome to AniGames!💎 ---------------------------------------- Anime and Games combined into one! --------------------------------------------- We are a friendly community who loves anime and games such as roblox,Sword Art Online and many more!😉 ----------------------------------------------- Our Fun- •Card Games •Pokemon •Anime •Vc Chats While Playing Games •Premium and Normal Advertising •And a Lot of Fun People! ------------------------------------------ Join us for some fun 😉💎