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A curated, quality experience for people who are 18+, with a focus on voice chat. We're here to meet cool, mature people, and have great conversations.
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Social | Community | Gaming
A curated, quality experience for people who are 18+, with a focus on voice chat. We're here to meet cool, mature people, and have great conversations.
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Hobbies | Community
Dungeons & Dragons, Chess, and other games! Welcome to The Open Table, a very small community with big ideas, and a tone of character customization for D&D through our Occupation system. Friendly peeps, chill days (very chill right now actually), there's no need to have an interest in any of these games to come hang out with us, we always have a seat open for those who are curious, and we're always ready to make some friends along the way.
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Role-Playing | Tabletop
Chasing Horizon is a community meant to bring those that enjoy role playing together. Whether it be through tabletop games like DnD, video game servers, or even just role playing through text. Our server has channels for GM resources in addition to our RP channels, so if playing or creating scenarios interests you, this is a perfect server to join, and we would love to have you!
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Role-Playing | Gaming
Millenia ago, our planet was barren, but that changed when the World Tree took root on our desolate rock. With it the tree brought life to the world, but an unseen power lurks, waiting for the opportunity to take the World Tree as it's own. War and political strife fill the land, how will you make your way? Inspired by JRPGs such as Final Fantasy and Tales of Symphonia, come join us in a high-fantasy RP with eldritch twists. We blend d&d 5e systems with traditional text-based rp to keep players balanced and make it easy for new players to jump in.
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Community | Role-Playing
Land of Idiots is a friendly, relaxed multi-fandom server [We do have a server aesthetic though, and it's Land of Lustrous/Houseki no kuni] where you can make friends, talk about your interests, and maybe join a roleplay or D&D campaign. The D&D campaign I'm going to DM is a W.I.P, but will be beginner friendly! It is meant to have fun and for me to practice being a first time dungeon master. We have a media category dedicated to talking about well.... media, where you and many others can just talk and ramble about a specific topic or fandom! The roleplay, media and the D&D channels are all separated by access roles anyone can easily get, so you won't be overwhelmed with channels or content you don't want!
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Community | Gaming
{18+ SFW} Hello there! Welcome to The Traveler's Tavern. This is a place to stop and rest on your journey through Discord. Chat a bit, make some friends, learn a few things, etc! We're dedicated to crafting a comfortable environment where you can find respite from drama, spam, and all other manner of unpleasantries out there in the wilds of this app. If you're looking for a mature and respectful space to kick back in, you've come to the right place. We've got movie and game nights, and are organising our first DnD campaign! Come on in and check us out!
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Role-Playing | Anime
Hello everyone! If you are interested in the Danganronpa game series/anime and want an rp with a little Dungeons and Dragons, you've found the right place! We have a campaign open now for anyone who is interested, hope to see you there!
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Gaming | Role-Playing
La community del Sistema Levity per la narrazione interattiva ed il gioco di ruolo e anche un luogo dove si discute del GameDesign dei GDR
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Tabletop | Role-Playing
Just a server for those that loves DND, Pathfinder, and other tabletop rpgs, as well as just a place to make friends and talk.
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Gaming | Role-Playing
Welcome to F3, a roleplaying server set in Wildemount and focused on the second campaign of Critical Role! We invite both canons and original characters, and prioritise roleplaying while still keeping the elements of D&D. We ask our members to be 18+ and literate, capable of writing para/multi-para replies. Will your story start in the formidable Dwendalian Empire? Or perhaps the mysterious depths of Xhorhas? Could your tale begin in the colourful Menagerie Coast atop the waves? Wildemount has something to offer every would-be traveller - a chance to write your names in history. Always remember, Fortune Favours the Bold!
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Streaming | Role-Playing
My twich, gaming, D&D server. Just for people to hang, chill, and play D&D. There aren't many people on it right now, but with new people on, I know this community will thrive.
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Gaming | Hobbies
Welcome to The Coven! A small streamer's discord where we connect with a bunch of different games, hobbies and interests! We have a book club, DND section and a wide variety of games for you to find people to play with! Perfect for any nerd, streamer and gaming community! We value respect, equality and the importance of mental health. Here, we are a chosen family who are there for each other through the best and the worst we have to experience.
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Community | Role-Playing
A tavern, an inn, or heck a mercenary group! A guild for everyone interested in Roleplay, Fantasy, Gaming, and Anime! Go nuts. • Roles! (and lots of 'em!) ➜ Access roles! Choose whether you want to see everything or just the essentials! ➜ Level roles powered by Maki! Unlock exclusive channels and perks the higher you rank up in the guild! ➜ Mysterious hidden channels that can be accessed once you find the correct role - if you find 'em! • Roleplay + Dungeons & Dragons 5e: West Marches! ➜ [RP] Customized character creation form/template for regular roleplay. ➜ [D&D] D&D Beyond, Dicecloud, or Gsheet for character sheets. Characters start at level 3. ➜ [D&D] Homebrew, yes - needs approval. UA, no. ➜ [RP]+[D&D] Primary timezone GMT/UTC +8 (most online), open 24/7 for everyone. ➜ [RP]+[D&D] Open-world gameplay, lore available in server and gacha system! ➜ [RP]+[D&D] Bot: Avrae and Tupper! MEE6 will send you a welcome guide (handbook lol) to get you started. We'll await for your arrival!
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Social | Community | Anime
24/7 Active voice/text community! 500 emotes. Frequent giveaways. Fun events. Friendly members & fun bots. Chill & laid back. Anime server! Come join the Paradise family!
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Social | Community | Anime
24/7 Active voice/text community! 500 emotes. Frequent giveaways. Fun events. Friendly members & fun bots. Chill & laid back. Anime server! Come join the Paradise family!
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Gaming | Streaming
- ✧・゚: *✧・゚:══════════════════:・゚✧:・゚✧ 𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓢𝓪𝓵𝓪𝓭 𝓐𝓿𝓮𝓷𝓾𝓮 ✧ a salad themed server! ✧ friendly, good vibes community ✧ most of our members are 18+ ✧ we catch pokémon and waifus ✧ we play mostly phasmophobia and dead by daylight but a lot of our members also play minecraft, among us, and valorant! ✧ we’re looking for more members to play DnD with! ✧ we offer a place to promote your streams ✧ we’re always looking for more partnerships & members to play games and chat with! ✧・゚: ✧・゚:══════════════════:・゚✧:・゚✧
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Role-Playing | Mature
-- Hiya and welcome to our open world fantasy universe, Spellbound Greenwood! We're new and small, so don't mind the member count! Ever wanted to join an RP server, but it's disorganized? 400 empty rooms you have to scroll through? Not comfortable playing with the younger crowd, and looking for more mature atmosphere? This server is 18+, and was made by an experienced D&D player. Character creation is designed around RP, so no D&D knowledge required! However, for those who do, you are free to play with the dice bot, too!
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Tabletop | Community
A super friendly, slime-themed social discord server with interests in Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) and various other tabletop games!
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Tabletop | Role-Playing
Tale Weaver Gaming makes the excitement of tabletop roleplaying accessible and enjoyable for anyone! Offering Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Alien RPG, and many more!
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Community | Entertainment
Remember when you walked into a Golden Corral as a kid and said "many choices and strangers"? That's the same feeling you'll get here! We have: - Events - DnD - Minecraft (java and bedrock) - Minecraft Modded - Supportive Community - Memes
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Ever wanted to play a Dungeons and Dragons game, but can't find a group? Are you a new player, and the sheer size of the game scares you? Maybe you're a veteran, looking for a more relaxed game? Then "Abydos" is for you. Set in a completely Homebrew world, Abydos is a Lore-driven RP server that is loosely based on Tabletop Dice games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, and Warhammer 40k. Using an ever-evolving game system, you too just might go down in history.
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Gaming | Role-Playing
Official Discord server for the Melonmancy Podcast! Check out our website at
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Gaming | Role-Playing
Everyone is welcome in Exodus RP - WestMarches DND 5e Adventure. We allow new and experienced players alike! We are a new server setting ourselves up to run as a tribe with a focus on community ideas. Our games include Voice Quests, Text Quests (dungeons and dragons adventures), player run hunts, and multiple RP opportunities. Our games are hosted on both Discord and Roll20, depending on which DM is running the game.