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Serveur Discord pour les joueurs Gaming ! Salons: *Music *Public voice *Lounge *Memes *Sondage *Players Search
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Převážně máme rádi aesthetics a posloucháme lofi hudbu... ~ Mostly we like aesthetics and listening to lofi music...
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Hello welcome to this cummunity discord where trying to make very nice and cosy fammily here so we can play lots of games together
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Join this server: if you want new friends in different games!!
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Fat growing community for gamers and nerds out there! We are a friendly home to all!
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Postamos gifs e imagens diáriamente!
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osu!community server
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Our aim for the crew is to stop griefers and help you guys make money in GTA Online. We do this by only letting crew members join certain sessions and to do so I would like you guys to follow some simple and easy rules. If you do not, you will be kicked from the crew!
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Filipino/English Anyone can join Gamers/Chatters
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( PT ) Venoooom é uma comunidade de uma equipa de muitos jogos e regiões ao redor do mundo. Junta-te para conviveres e conversares sobre jogos e participar em sorteios. ( ENG ) Venoooom is a team community from many games and regions around the world. Get together to socialize and chat about games and participate in sweepstakes.