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Dedicated 2 the pursuit of #Gnostic #Consciousness & the #esoteric awareness that we all spend our lives, knowingly or not, seeking or mourning the lack thereof
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>>Join our discord for all things Meditation & Mindfulness<< Are you looking to make happiness a habit in your life? We have channels for positive psychology practices, habit building and a warm, peaceful and tightly knit community where you can easily make friends and have fun. This community includes the following amazing features: 🌸~ Involved and friendly staff team 🌸~ Daily guided group meditations 🌸~ Weekly Bookclub 🌸~ Weekly Study group 🌸~ Level-based roles 🌸~ Non-toxic & open community 🌸~ Teacher Q&A's 🌸~ A Cool Meditation Bot 🌸~ Cute Emoji's Find support and the tools you need to improve your life! Share your insights, tips & tricks and learn from others. Everyone is welcome, we hope you will join us <3
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Welcome, this is a community about Zen and Zennish related things!
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Welcome to “Shards of Wisdom”, a growing community of people coming from different parts of the world united by their love and interest in pursuing wisdom. Our aim is to improve well-being and contentment in our lives by exploring ancient and modern philosophy and psychology, as well as various spiritual practices and teachings. - Join to meet people sharing your values and make new friends - Join to learn more about how to advance on your personal growth journey Share your story and become a part of the community!