Community server with active members, great female to male ratio. Focusing on esoteric topics such as the occult, religion, and technology.
Here you can receive help with building your interviews skills and/or writing resumes, cover letters & business emails. You are also welcome to request for any given role if you already have those skills and you love to help others.
Architect. A server in which programmers and technologically interested individuals may come to discuss, chill, share ideas, GitHubs, snippets, projects and learn new things everyday. We are a new server just recently opened and are looking for people who will enjoy learning and sharing. Feel free to come along!
Peaches and I (strawberry) are the fruity gurus! We aim to help those that come to us. Feel free to join and send us a DM!
Do you enjoy exchanging ideas with intellectually mature people? Be careful: they may disagree; and that sparks a debate! Join us; pick a topic; and let's talk.
The only transparent Muslim community built for and by productive people. Join us to learn and make a positive change in the world.