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Der Deutsche "Ark: Survival Evolved" Discord Server! Du suchst nach Leuten, mit denen du spielen kannst? Dann bist du HIER RICHTIG! Spiele mit Gleichgesinnten oder finde neue Unofficial Server!
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This server is dedicated to teaching new ARK players how to play on Official clusters.
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Davy Jones Locker RP Helloo We Are a Small ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED RP server looking for more people And Since Im the youngest and most tech savvy person on the admin team i have been tasked with doing this.. Right so if you arent interested in Ark There is no reason to read on but thanks for stopping by... We are a Primitive + server on Crystal isles We Are boosted to an extent We have some rules obviously We have some dino restrictions but not much We like to have fun so we have events ect for prizes We accept all ages and nationality it would help to know English but its not a requirement We are open for mod and admin applications after you have met a certain requirement Right thats enough of that So Ye our discord isnt very populated at the moment but im hoping thanks to you it will be Without the members we wouldnt be able to have this proper RP feeling there wouldnt be Politics or wars or anything without you so From me and all the admin team we Say Thank You