Education | Art
We are just a server where you can learn GFX, and meet other artists.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Welcome to our server... it is a role-playing server where YOU control the entirety of the story, along with some strangers of course! You can choose to destroy and ruin or become a powerful diplomat, or even the pope! There is one overarching theme, the main god is Kevin, and we are all his disciples. Once you join you can become more of a casual player, or you can delve deep into it and become the one to rule all! You can join a faction and war against other factions, or become a nomad to offer advice to weary travelers. The choice is all up to you... in The Church Of Kevin.
Gaming | Entertainment
Hourly Escape is a Minecraft escape room server. The release date is to be February 2020! Join today and the first 10 members get free VIP role!
Gaming | Anime
Welcome to our Server where we are happy to take in anyone that joins our server. Our server will be available to everyone from playing valorant to people that just wanna chill and chat. Our server holds everyone to such high standards and respectfulness. You can add whatever memes you want in the respected category send links to streams videos etc.
Gaming | Entertainment
The Believers Empire is where you can vibe and make new friends and play all sorts of game with anyone! this is also a chill server where you can watch your favorite shows/movies and listen to your favorite music artist!
Bot | Beliefs
You'll have so much fun here!!! You'll sure have a blast in our clean and family oriented server!!!! Have fun!!!
Anime | Gaming
Roast battles, gaming, music, NSFW, game night, etc! We love to have fun and do game nights, anime debates, and if you cant roast back you might as well not join!