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Survivor RP Central is a hub server for many branching servers. Play as any fictional character from any piece of media, all signed up to compete on a reality television show!
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The ancient Roman empire, a land which reigned from France to Judea, home to powerful militaries, revolutionary philosophers, and some of history's most successful well as one of the most famous tragedies the world over.
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A subserver of Survivor RP Central, Mafia is one of the many games we offer to our players.
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Based on the CBS TV series of the same name we invite you to join Survivor RP Central, the hub server for our upcoming Survivor roleplays. You can play any character from any fictional series, or enter in an original character, and best of all? You don’t have to have ever seen the show!
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A server dedicated to hosting "Survivor : Borneo", the first season of the Role-Playing Game based on the Reality Competition TV Show "Survivor". Players may choose to play and sign up as their favorite character and role-play as them as they take part in a simulated Discord Survivor Season.
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Viper Survivor is an ORG/Community centered around the CBS show Survivor! We have simulated seasons, of which our first just ended! It has complex competitions, active players, and fun idol hunts that will leave you excited for the next competition...assuming you survive tribal!
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The Battle Frontier is an ORG similar to Survivor but with a Pokemon twist and an emphasis on Competitive Battling. A day in the Battle Frontier will start with a mini-challenge (related to Pokemon but not related to Pokemon Battling) where the winning team will gain an advantage for themselves in the main challenge. The main challenge will revolve around Competitive Battling (via Pokemon Showdown). The team that loses the main challenge will have to individually vote one of their teammates out. What sets us apart from most Survivor-based games however, is that the TWO players with the highest votes will be forced to battle in a special elimination battle. Hopefully, we will be able to make our own bot to us for these battles, but if not, it will be on Pokemon Showdown. Do you have what it takes to become the first Battle Frontier Champion?
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WELCOME TO LUNORG LunORG is a brand new, space-themed ORG! With twists and challenges both familiar and unique, we have a something for everyone! Some of the things we offer are: - An inexperienced but dedicated hosting team - Interesting twists and challenges - A fully themed season; everything from challenge names to twists to tribes is based around space Apps close August 1st! Join today! Will you be our first Sole Survivor?
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Hey everyone! If you’re looking for another ORG to join, I encourage you to join MafORGs! This ORG is a fun community of people that are full of activity and energy. Our past seasons have been exciting, and we hope this next season will be the best yet!
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WELCOME TO CLUMSYVIVOR Every week there will be a new season. Logo created by me or any volunteers! If there is no season excess seasons by our wonderful hosts will be held! Example: Circle BYL BB and more to come! Now Season 1's theme will be Fire vs Water! The logo is in the works but I'll leave a poll soon on when we should start! I do not have much money due to the virus but I will host an invite comp! The winners will receive 1/3. A custom Role Moderator A GFX made by me. Now here are the rules. I'll be keeping track of the invites in server modules. Each day I'll keep track and tell you whos winning. First to 10 - 1st pick First to 15 - 2nd pick First to 20 - 3rd pick Best Regards, Clumsy and Twelve
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Dlo's Long Term Gameshows is a brand new group run by @Dlobrancato2 through Roblox that is just starting out with its first season of Survivor!
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Online survivour
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ORG (Online Reality Game) Resort is an advertisement server designed around helping any and all orgs develop their individual communities while creating bridges between all pre-existing communities and orgs within the server.
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A new community-based server for those currently affected by cancer - whether in treatment, remission, or just a friend & loved one.
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Total Drama Survivor is a Survivor ORG that combines the themes of Survivor and Total Drama for a fun time!