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Server for discussing the speedruns of the Ape Escape franchise.
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KOBK Clan for Escape From Tarkov (EFT)
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This is a server that has been made in order to help people with simply escaping silver. While improving skills and overall gamesense is definetely an important part of getting to rank up or not, one of the most detrimental things is random teammates. If you solo queue often, you know what I mean by this. Griefers and throwers and just flat out awful players will make it damn near impossible to win a game. So, this server is here so you can get a queue together, play together with that queue, and work your way out of silver. All this being said, you do not have to be a silver player in order to join, if you are nova or MG or anything else and you're just bored or looking for people to play with, you are welcome to join as well.
Welcome to Icygon Headquarters. It’s a global server made by Kaiplay, Paundra, Icygon. It’s a server accepting all ROBLOX players and FE2 players and a small server with UnbelievaBoat simulator. We mainly focusing on Flood Escape 2, but we accept all Roblox games and non Roblox games. If you joined to the server, you have to read the rules and agree them, if you break any rules, we will say goodbye to you.
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Hourly Escape is a Minecraft escape room server. The release date is to be February 2020! Join today and the first 10 members get free VIP role!
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This is a server to help new and existing players. It has the Tarkov Assist bot, maps, extract videos, ammo charts, money making videos, barter lists, a custom marketplace for players to trade among each other, and way more. Info from anyone will be added to the server (with credit of course).
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There you can trade your EFT currency for real money via our secure bot
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TarkShop Escape From Tarkov Boosting Tutorials In-Game Tips Cheese Trading Raid running
Escape from tarkov server focused on finding people who want to play tarkov in groups, longterm and short term.No drama, no bullshit.