Social | Music
a new and welcoming bts focused kpop server to meet kpop friends & have fun! (all fandoms welcome <3)
Gaming | Design
Twitchcord is a BetterDiscord plugin which aims to make Discord look and feel more like Twitch.
Social | Anime
A new and friendly, community-based server. Many different channels related to stuff like Anime, movies, music and many other things to chat about. We have self-assignable roles and more to be added soon! All are welcome!
Welcome to Icygon Headquarters. It’s a global server made by Kaiplay, Paundra, Icygon. It’s a server accepting all ROBLOX players and FE2 players and a small server with UnbelievaBoat simulator. We mainly focusing on Flood Escape 2, but we accept all Roblox games and non Roblox games. If you joined to the server, you have to read the rules and agree them, if you break any rules, we will say goodbye to you.
Community | Role-Playing
|| A 90's office and business aesthetic RP || Small, but always growing || Leveling system || Join for shenanigans, grow with us! ||
Community | Meme
A discord chill server revolved a relaxing atmosphere and a coffee/tea shop.
Community | Social
The Idle Community is a kid friendly server. Start a theme or global chatting with everyone. The community members is always active. Own maded 19 in 1 Community BOT Lot of powerful commands Help: i/help Lot of custom and available roles Lot of emojis Lot of Custom themed channels Lot of different text channels and voice channels 5 global text channel and 21 themed channels Open live, video, and voice channels 96kb/s music channel
Community | Social
A Cyberpunk-themed Discord server. Rengkok City is a pretty small server, but special perks will be granted to the first 50 citizens.
Community | Entertainment
Howdy. Welcome to the Wild West. Out here, we don't have many rules. We just want you to do what you want to do (within the limits of the Discord ToS). We intend to have a small community here with diverse interests and ideas to make it feel like a real town. Grab a drink in the saloon, tell a story by the campfire, or share your photographs with fellow cowboys in our small town. Here's some things that we got: - Wild Western theme - Active owners - User Verification (for paranoia's sake) - Chill rules - Simple and organized layout - Receptivity to suggestions - Multiple voice channels (including 2-6 person channels and a music channel) - *Optional* politics channel - Bot commands for days - A big iron on my hip This server is open to anyone.
Community | Entertainment | Social
New and wholesome community, with karaoke, VC, music, movies, gaming, and so much more. Monthly-themed food dish, that will be voted on by the community. Server is new, so help us build it together!
Anime | Community | Gaming
A school themed server. We offer you a very funny and friendly members. Join if you wanna talk with us!