An RP that takes place within the Fairy Tail universe but without canon characters. It has its own, ever expanding plot. Its own villains. But don't worry, here you have the ability to not only create your own characters but also work on custom magic as well. You can create and direct missions with friends or other RP partners! See your character grown, develop, fight and experience hardships so they can become stronger and maybe even reach S-class! Come and have fun in our main story or join a mini arc! What we offer: -The ability to create as many characters as you want. No character limit! -You can create custom magic -Don't want to play as human or any canon race? Create your own! -Join or a create a mission and do it with people so your characters can grow and develop. -Many friendly members -Detailed and literate RP and RPers -A dedicated, caring and competent staff
Welcome to Magnolia! This is a Fairy Tail themed RP Server. We are currently looking for mods to join the Magic Council so if you're interested in that please dm Jack Fullbuster. The timeframe of this chat is about three generations past the Natsu Era. We call this the Descendants Era. It is large scale so the information may take a minute to read for that I apologize! But we tried to make it as simple as possible while providing a fun Rp experience for everyone! So come join us! Join a preexisting guild or make your own! Unleash your magic power and watch your character grow through your choices and battles!
This is a fairy tail rp
Once, in the year X550, there was a King who ruled over the lands of Ishgar, his name was Pierre Constellor. He had been torturing slaves for his dirty work. All of them had their magic taken away by a magic item which had the power to take away people's magic, through torture. One day, a slave ran away and was shot in the leg, and tripped on a fallen branch all the way to a red lake. This lake was known for people drowning in it, but having their bodies never found, it's name was ‘The Scarlet Abyss.’ The slave drowned, but their back hit a lacrama. It gave them time to think of their hatred, and how they wanted to curse the world if everyone was like this. So, the lacrama granted their wish and merged with the slave, flooding literally everything and creating new lands all spaced apart in islands. Of course new life was created, but civilisation was made in X875.
Join the server that is officially partnered with Discord. One that is associated with the subreddit of Fairy Tail and EdensZero. For all things Hiro Mashima!!
|| Fairy Tail RPG é o maior jogo online para computador de Fairy Tail, nele você pode criar seu mago e jogar com seus amigos! || Fairy Tail RPG is Fairy Tail's greatest online computer game, in it you can create your mage and play with your friends! || Fairy Tail RPG es el mayor juego online para ordenador de Fairy Tail, en él puedes crear tu mago y jugar con tus amigos! || Fairy Tail RPG est le meilleur jeu d'ordinateur en ligne de Fairy Tail. Vous pouvez y créer votre assistant et jouer avec vos amis! || FAIRY TAIL(フェアリーテイル)RPGは、FAIRY TAIL(フェアリーテイル)の最大のオンラインコンピュータゲームです。
Chill / Anime / Dating server where you can relax and have fun with no toxicity! You can post selfies, memes, anime related topics or just about anything! Come join the Happy Family and have fun ! ♡
Hey there! Do you like Fairy Tail, Anime and Roleplay? Then i believe this server is made for you! We are a relatively small server but with active people and staff! We accept anyone! No racism! No sexism! Why don't you join? I think you'll fit right in!
A hundred years after Achnologia Rampaged throughout the world, and after Natsus 100 Year Quest, the world has changed.
Fairy Tail Odyssey: Fables of the Crimson Wing is a semi-freeform discord roleplay with an extensive plotline that is moldable by any roleplayer who wishes to be apart of it. This roleplay takes place in an alternate universe (AU) and follows the story of completely original characters. We are currently in the prologue of the roleplay, meaning we're all about 12 to 14 years old (with certain exceptions for senior members of guilds). We have an active administration team that helps bring the roleplay to life by NPC-ing certain characters/situations that you may want your own player character to interact with. Link to the roleplayer's guide: Link to the lore and history: