Friendly, safe and LGBT+ accepting community for all those who wish to meet new people!
AspireTown is a family-friendly community with a strong focus. A place where you can come make yourself at home! We offer survival and skyblock where you have a choice of your own to choose from!
All things AC all platforms, join us for some fun!
This server is made for serious roleplay as a pilot or ATC in Sweden. The server is made for the game "X Plane 11". The Server Is A Family Friendly Server.
Our server is a new server looking for gamers or anime weebs we are family friendly and have basic rules. so if you are lfg or looking to chill this server is yours.
A family friendly community full of laughter originally founded around a survival Minecraft server. We have weekly events and clubs taking place in our Discord such as Movie Knight, Game Knight, and Coding Club. MagnaRisa's Minecraft server is a unique community-driven survival server that focuses on building. We hold monthly community meetings as well as frequent server-hosted events. This community has been going strong for 7+ years and looks forward to making new experiences with our community. Our goal is to make the survival experience a fun and friendly time for everyone. It takes new players joining in to help us achieve this goal! Join today to build friendships and buildings!
Vintage Vile We’re a Very active Discord server For mainly anything. The server was created nearly a Week ago and we’re currently at 900 members, hopefully we can get to 1,000? — Everyone in our server are very friendly. — Moderation is on point. — Giveaways are Legit. Superiority ~Moderators are active! ~I do a bunch of Giveaways/Events and Game nights. -My Moderators will also be hosting Events, etc. Server will also soon be changing soon such as.. -New Gfx/Logo designer will be getting work done for the server. -More activity and giveaways and events will be held. Trivia included. -It will be more then just a Gaming discord server. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE - Role section for #roles and #color as asked -Read the #rules and be sure not to bypass any section -In the #Announcement there will be important things, which is why its called Announcements. -And as always, stay fresh and Hit that Join button! :D
Here you can try hard in games with other people, or have a chill and relaxed place to chat/play games. This is an friendly community that you are always welcome to join!!
***`Dungeon Grinders`*** ***=============================*** ***`RULES`*** -Representable Self-Roles ✅ -Friendly Staffs ✅ -YT, Twitch, and Twitter ✅ -Gaming ✅ -Giveaways ✅ -Memes ✅ -Bots ✅ -Partnership ✅ ***=============================*** ***`FAQ`*** What is Dungeon Grinders? ***Dungeon Grinders is a server that involves gaming, loyal staffs, activities, communications, and more!*** If I am bored or have nothing to do? Is this a good place to be in? ***Yes, we highly guarantee that this is a good place to be in unless you're really willing to join.*** ***=========================================================================*** Server Link:
Fun MLBTS community! MLBTS exhibition feature! Join today! RTTS, DD, and more!
A family friendly Terraria Mobile Discord community
Discord server for the Finding Herobrine: Reborn Minecraft server community.
We're a small community based lgbt+ focused discord server.
Just a server passionate for gaming! 💯🎮
Looking for a safe community to chat and socialize? Look no further, you have found it. We offer family friendly environment with minimal rules, fun activities such as counting, one word story.
Hey, I would love for you to join my Discord server! It is for giveaways, and just talking about Roblox Ninja Legends! It is a family friendly community and also a Discord for my YouTube channel!
We are a small roblox developer group. We usually make sci-fi themed games. Enjoy at your stay!
Roblox Club is a discord server for fellow Robloxians to hang out and have fun! We offer many chat rooms and channels for you to talk in! We hope you join and have a wonderful stay!
Just a bunch of fun!
Join us for Gaming content recommended by you on twitch and Youtube! as well as get in awsome giveaways and more!!!
A family friendly place to chat. Talk retro, talk modern.
This is a discord server where you can hang around and be friends!