An innovative HyTale server in the works. Follow us for news and exclusive offers for our upcoming release!
Chaotic United is a Minecraft-focused gaming community that has been around since 2011. We were rebooted in 2014 under new leadership and have continued to operate since. We also have a Forum that serves as the central hub for the community.
Battle Field Veterans is an online community comprised of gamers, graphic designers, coders, and more! BFV is a place where you can call home. We are a mature community looking to provide the best online gaming experiences! We host Arma 3 Exile and play a plethora of games together as a community! Friendly Staff (Current and X-Military) Active Members Thousands of Hours in games Experienced Programmers Mature Community Family Friendly Help us grow our community so we can all have someone to play with and enjoy more friendships! Discord: ✌️
Friendly active server that needs more members and more fun
Hyperia Network - We have multiple Minecraft gamemodes including KitPvP and Towny - With Guns! We are a custom coded network that is constantly updating and adding new features. Check out our website at Join now!
The Hub is a new server on the Discord scene, with simply one wish, to unite others in Discord into a place where they can all socialize and have fun in one place. That place is the Hub. Featured in The Hub ★ - Constantly growing with new people to meet ★ - Community events that you can participate in ★ - A active community, along with helpful and active staff ★ - Many forum channels to discuss whatever you want ★ - A custom Role-play called "A Star Too Far" If any of this interests you, please join our server, as we are always looking for opportunities to grow and develop