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The newest way to get an invitation to the Real Life Superhero Discord servers.
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Gaming | Military | Programming
Battle Field Veterans is an online community comprised of gamers, graphic designers, coders, and more! BFV is a place where you can call home. We are a mature community looking to provide the best online gaming experiences! We host Arma 3 Exile and play a plethora of games together as a community! Friendly Staff (Current and X-Military) Active Members Thousands of Hours in games Experienced Programmers Mature Community Family Friendly Help us grow our community so we can all have someone to play with and enjoy more friendships! Discord: https://discord.me/bfvets ✌️
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Education | Programming
A friendly server for coders. We produce bots, applications and give assistance with coding.
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Community | Social
The Friend Zone. This is a server with everything in it. We have gaming, social, music, application integrations! Inspect the server, decide to join or not, and have fun if you join!
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Bot | Community
Welcome to the Bot Playground, this is the perfect server for every "game" bot, no cooldown, support, suggestions, and even some community channels. If you wish to join, feel free, read through the rules and off you go with bots. Alpha v0.12