Just a man screaming into the digital void on the internet,Won't you come scream with me
The server was made just as something of small intnet, it started to grow very little mind you, but now i seek to make it large and somewhat known. Its for gamers, furries, masters and pets, roleplayers, etc.
Join our PSN discord and kompete against other kombatants to rise through the ranks to challenge the champ for his title. We have 5 Classes (Towers) separating our skilled veterans from the young kombatants looking to rise through the ranks. Begin your fighting career by going to our website https://mortalkombatleague.wordpress.com/
Staples is my dream job
Dinner time is a server made for gamers to meet up and play together you can also chat with fellow gamers talk about games or just goof around in our meme chat
Community , Gamer , Online , Chill
A hangout for all! aaaand also, It consists of... -------------- • Friendly Members/staff • A chill owner • Simple theme • Few roles • Easy rules to follow • 18+ only -------------- I know It's not much but it's all we can offer ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ So don't be shy, press the join button. We are expecting you (◠‿◕)
This Is a Server Full Of Elite Gamers, Join Us To Be a Elite Gamer And Post Elite Gamer Stuff And Share What You Have Been Doing In The Gaming Community.
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