Furry | Meme
Join if you want
Gaming | Entertainment
zeronet erg roms's server is a place to chat about games and emulation. This server is for people who are looking for or enjoy planing emulated games. as the community grows the content will as-well. Everything here is completely free you can learn more by joining the server.
Gaming | Growth
Get updates on free games and discounts on gear and much much more even a giveaway from time to time.
Social | Gaming
A hangout for all! aaaand also, It consists of... -------------- • Friendly Members/staff • A chill owner • Simple theme • Few roles • Easy rules to follow • 18+ only -------------- I know It's not much but it's all we can offer ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ So don't be shy, press the join button. We are expecting you (◠‿◕)
This Is a Server Full Of Elite Gamers, Join Us To Be a Elite Gamer And Post Elite Gamer Stuff And Share What You Have Been Doing In The Gaming Community.
Gaming | Entertainment
We are a discord where you can just come and hang out Have fun and chill. We are pretty cool and lenient on the rules. There are NSFW chats and regular chats reaction rules and more. We're always open to ideas to help make the server better as that is our goal come join and have fun.
Gaming | Community
Just a man screaming into the digital void on the internet,Won't you come scream with me
Gaming | Social
This a chill hangout spot for all of my fellow gamers.
Gaming | Meme
📨🎮|New server is still a work in progress, for everything video games! 📣 | Gaming updates right in discord + lfg! 💸🎁|Giveaways 🐸|dank memer with specialized channels and pings, rob disabled 🎛|Well organized server 🤖|More bots coming, plus auction bot for dank memer is live! 💡📥|Many features coming soon! We could use your help and suggestions, Staff applications open!
Social | Community
We are a new community server with lots of feachers!
Gaming | YouTuber
This is a nice place to hangout, Make friends, And just have fun.
Community | Meme
■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ 🪐 Lot of fun bots (Dank Memer; Yggdrasil; UnbelievaBoat and more); 🪐10+ custom emojis; 🪐nice members and nice staff; ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■
Gaming | Community
The The Wolfs is your place! We're most likely the most wholesome community on Discord! Join us and hang out with some of the coolest people around this floating rock we call home! We are built around making long term friendships in a friendly and non-toxic atmosphere.
Community | Gaming
Hej, przepraszam że ci przeszkadam ale mam pytanie. Czy chciałbyś dołączyć do servera community Oferujemy: [😀] Miłą i Pomocną Administracja(u nas kadre) [👮‍♂️] Rozbudowane boty i server [🏦] ekonomia [💬] leveling [💎] nagrody za zaproszenia na server [🥰] Luźną Atmosfere [😂] Strefę 4FUN np. cleverbot lub liczenie** mam nadzieję że nawet jak nie chcesz to wejdziesz i zobaczysz❤️
Community | Gaming
A server with a friendly community, rewards, and multiple gaming servers like Minecraft!
Furry | Role-Playing
furry fun discord server. all ages welcome. dating and stuff for all please enjoy. The best place to talk to people! Brand new server that provides a welcoming environment.
Anime | Gaming
煙𝙎𝙢𝙤𝙠𝙚.zip Is an amazing server that has just started and is looking for members who are loyal and willing to join for the fun of it we also have our own bot and alot of nice people we would like you to meet we hope in the future we have more people but for now this is all we have to offer to the table
LGBT | Gaming
Hello! This server is about making friends and gaming. We talk a lot about K-pop, anime, Minecraft, mcyt and more! We are safe for lgbtq+,poc's and more. We have many roles to pick from! Ages 13+ is welcomed!