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RetroGirly is a community for females on Discord.
Community | Social
A safe community for women who love the Pokémon franchise of video games, trading card game, anime, and more! Includes channels to discuss your favorite games, trade pokemon, show off your artwork, find raid parties, and more.
Gaming | Community
Welcome to The Thot Squad! This discord server is for all those girl gamers out there who want to chat and play with other girls. We welcome all ethnicities, religion, political alignment, sexuality, etc. ~ Joining the Thot Squad involves: ~ ♡ active mods for all servers ♡ in house events and games ♡ active channels and people looking for games ♡ league of legends - sharing games and tips ♡ 99% guaranteed girls, 1% dedicated troll ♡ expanding discussion of other games like Animal Crossing ♡ cute emojis!
Community | Gaming
Welcome to the Garden Club, for gamer girls made by gamer girls :D Tired of playing with males in male-dominated games? Or maybe you're not into games and just want a place to talk? You've found your new favorite place to hang out. We accept female, nb, and m t f guests! You are welcome and loved. However, we are very new and looking to grow our community. Staff needed! (✿ ͡◕ ᴗ◕)つ━━✫・*。features: chats for non-gamers to hangout, venting chat, movie nights, optional verification, he/him role for gnc or nb babes, cute garden theme, lgbt friendly, furry friendly, and all-female staff :3 hope you choose to join us and grow our girls only community
Gaming | eSports
Venust is a competitive COD Mobile girls team. We are looking for girls. Must be able to; - Voice Verify / VC - Active - Aim