~ FEMALE ONLY ~ ~ VOICE VERIFICATION REQUIRED ~ This server's purpose is to create a space where girls/women can feel a sense of safety and belonging. We love to hang out and play a wide variety of games! We accept all women regardless of race, sexuality, background etc.
18+ Dating Server with tons of egirls and nsfw channels Fun emotes!! Levels!! OMGGG
ultimate girls is a girls-only server dedicated to super smash bros. ultimate. regardless of your skill level, you are welcomed to join as long as you identify as a girl. we're here to help each other improve and make friends along the way. we hope you enjoy your stay at ultimate girls! ♡꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱
Welcome to The Thot Squad! This discord server is for all those girl gamers out there who want to chat and play with other girls. We welcome all ethnicities, religion, political alignment, sexuality, etc. ~ Joining the Thot Squad involves: ~ ♡ active mods for all servers ♡ in house events and games ♡ active channels and people looking for games ♡ league of legends - sharing games and tips ♡ 99% guaranteed girls, 1% dedicated troll ♡ expanding discussion of other games like Animal Crossing ♡ cute emojis!
"Gamer Girls Who?" is meant for gamer girls only and you must be 16 years of age or older. We are still a very small server but we hope to grow very soon. We are stricter than most servers but it is to keep staff and our members safe. Keep in mind this server is only for females, if you identify as a male you are not allowed into the server. My friends and I created this server to allow girls to come together and talk about gaming and even create girl squads in all types of games. Our focus as staff is to make a comfortable environment to many gamer girls out there. If you are interested, please join us!