Mature | Gaming
The Collapse of Society is a 17+ horror community made by a group of Dead by Daylight players. While we do play and host horror game sessions, this community is up for anything and anything horror, and we host bi-weekly community chosen horror movie nights. Feel free to drop in and say hello!
Anime | Gaming
Confederation of Mexico is a premium Dank Memer server with a daily 10 mil giveaways, we have tons of events and heists aswell, come take a look!.
Social | Meme
Original memes, Food Porn, Voice Chat. What else do you need?
Social | Gaming
Come Join us at The Big Wow!! We are friendly community that focuses on meeting new people and making friends. We have a very active voice chat and fun server events like game and movie night. If you're looking for some nice people to talk to join The Big Wow! See you there!!
Anime | Hobbies
A small but friendly community with movie nights and custom emotes!
Entertainment | Gaming
We are a community who love horror & video games. A weekly horror movie night and community game nights on Friday the 13th / Dead by Daylight! Come on in and let's talk!
Community | Support
Lunar is a server centered around providing help and support to our members as well as making a welcoming place for people to hangout. (Underaged are not allowed)
Meme | Entertainment
We've got games, we've got memes, we've got movie nights, so come chill with us or something, we need new peeps :)
Gaming | Entertainment
A lounge for all types of gamers!
Gaming | Technology
A place for nerds, dorks, and absolutely, 100%, Dad jokes. Video Games, Tabletop Games, VR, PC Part Talk, Movie Nights, and more!
Community | YouTuber
Chill server
Gaming | Community
Gaming, socializing, and the hub for the BOG Clan. - Game Giveaways - Friday Night Movies - Minecraft, Halo, Destiny 2, COD, and more Join today to meet a community of new friends!
Community | Social
A 25+ server for those looking to meet new people and chat about a variety of topics such as books, movies, food, world news, music and sports! We also have clubs such as Book Club and Art Club! We're a fun community looking to grow with interesting people like you!
Entertainment | Community
Movie Night Discord Server
Entertainment | Community
Movie Night Discord Server
Streaming | Entertainment
Meme | Entertainment
Anime | Entertainment
🎥 Movies and Show Nights! ❥「We Host Monthly Anime Shows and Movies」 📣 Anime and Manga Updates! ❥「We make sure to keep you updated on news and new release on all sorts of manga and anime 」 🎙 Event Nights ❥「Monthly and maybe fornightly we host all sorts of events games and karaoke」 🏆 Competitions ❥「We host monthly art competitions and other cometitions, can win all sorts of prizes」 🐱 Pets ❥「Come Share Photo's and Videos of Your Pets」 🌟 Level Up System ❥「When you level up you can get some snazzy ranks and show off how active you are! Also if you reach level 100 you can get a custom charcter rank!」
Entertainment | Anime | Streaming
🎥 Anime nights, movie nights, chilling on youtube 💙 Friendly community where you can hangout ✔️ Official Discord of the streaming platform
Community | Gaming
Oh hey there, so I see you stumbled upon our server of paradise! If you consider paradise to consist of things like a comfortable place to just talk about anything that comes to mind, events such as movie nights and game nights (no external purchases necessary), or even just finding a new group to play all your multiplayer PVP/PVE content, we've got the place for you! We're a community that started small and continue to grow. We started our server as an escape from our day to day lives where we can just kickback and be ourselves. With everything going on in the world, sometimes you just need a break, and we hope our server sounds like the best place for that break.
Music | Gaming
Have fun in the Hall of Vibes! Come watch movies with us. Come play games with us. Come get help on your music production. Come chat with friendly people. Come chat about many different subjects. Make sure to follow the rules and have fun!
Anime | Gaming
Hello! We invite you to Greek Anime World. This server is mainly for anime lovers and gamers so we aim to make it a big community where the members are having good time. We have a variety of interesting events, rooms for discussions and supporters for everyone. Above all we are an army, we are friends not another random server u just sneak in. Join voice chat to get to know each other and play games together or watch some anime. Send a private message to the royal government's members if you need any help
Community | Gaming
This server is to chill out and talk with friends, we also do fun things like Talent shows inside of a call. You can Work to get a role or maybe even get moderation And if you join our friend group and you active you will get the Sweatys role where you get exlusive access to voice chats
Community | Entertainment
Seeking a place to take a break and meet new friends ? Coffee Shop is a small and welcoming community for all, so if you want to meet new people or just chill in a cozy and funny atmosphere you're in the right place. We discuss a wide variety of topics and are always open to new suggestions. We host different kinds of events regularly so come along and enjoy.
Community | Entertainment
just a server run by two idiots, we offer movie nights every two weeks, question of the day, and all around just talking to people. it's not really that big but it exists so just join!!