Seeking a place to take a break and meet new friends ? Coffee Shop is a small and welcoming community for all, so if you want to meet new people or just chill in a cozy and funny atmosphere you're in the right place. We discuss a wide variety of topics and are always open to new suggestions. We host different kinds of events regularly so come along and enjoy.
Chill 18+ gamers community intended to help gamers connect and make friends.
Hey! Falt is a server which was launched on 31st August, 2019. This server has really good people and fun bots. Here's a list of what Falt offers. Good People Here in FALT, We have really fun people which can match your type! Fun Bots This server has fun bots through which you can play games. Such as IdleRPG, Gambling Bot, Dank Memer and more! Communities FALT has many types of people. Such as Gamers, Artists, and more! Minecraft Server FALT has a Minecraft server! This server will be 2 days Bedrock and 2 days JAVA! Come on in! Daily Games In FALT, we have fun channels which you can use. Such as QOTD, Movie Night, Daily Dose Of Fun, and of course, Pets chat! Giveaways Falt does giveaways two or three times a week. The giveaways consist of games, accounts and other stuff! FALT has more than this! Join the server today and find out!
Come Join us at The Big Wow!! We are friendly community that focuses on meeting new people and making friends. We have a very active voice chat and fun server events like game and movie night. If you're looking for some nice people to talk to join The Big Wow! See you there!!
A small but friendly community with movie nights and custom emotes!
We’re searching for active members! 🙏🏻Our server's theme and overall look is based on an "Adventurer's Guild." We host fun events every other day and have a close connection to our members.✨ Our most special event is Theme-week, we spend a week enjoying a different theme via profiles and events🎉 Events include: game/movie nights, series binges, "theme-week", minor bot events, w/ our economy bot ( increasing the payout for a limited time, etc ), and more to be added !
A growing community server focused around gaming and socialising! ╔═════════════╗ ★ Gaming channels ★ Events ★ Self-assignable roles ★ Levelling system ★ Voice channels ★ Friendly members ╚═════════════╝
we are a friendly and down to earth server looking for chill and active people to join. we host game/movie nights and have a nice community. anyone 15+ is welcome!
(16+) We promote Positive Vibes through games like OW, Movie Nights, AND our very own Server-wide Overwatch League!
Welcome to furry zone We have a great small community we hope to meet new cool people. We have great staff feel free to talk to them they will be very happy to help you. This is a sfw server. We have Gaming,Venting,Art,Memes,voice call chats and music. There is a verify system to stop raiders (nice try). Remember have fun stay safe and enjoy your self. owner @fluffy#1496
Hello my name is CPT Harris and I run Chill Network we are a sfw friendly server we have bots like pokecord, Unbeliveboat,Mudae,Triva,Yggdrasil,Hydra. We have fun events like movie time,cards against humanity. And we have a venting section.