Community | LGBT
Looking for a place to stay and to socialize with people? Contruxt Community is a upcoming and small community. With game night, fun, vibes and a LGBTQ+ friendly community. We also have a wide variety of topics to discuss from games, music, anime and more. You will know that we are a place to stay! What we have: - Brand new server! - Custom roles - Variety of channels - Events - AND MORE!
Community | LGBT
join the nightclub today to see some real whack shit. we got the real deal, autism, good looking femoids, drug addicts, chads, beta males and thats just half of it. are u tired of some incel e-admin dicating what words u can say just to flex his e-peen? then the nightclub is the place for u, our admins are certified chads and have been training for this our whole lives who couldnt really care less about the autistic shit you post. few limits, good times, big bongs. so what are u waiting for?
Community | Meme
Just somewhere to kick back, have a good time and meet new people. No judgment of character here. Just kmoe how to take a joke and respect everyone in here. So waiting for??
Gaming | Meme
Hello, this server is to meet knew people, check out some dank memes, tell some jokes and in general just be chill and vibe
Gaming | Community
This server is a new community for Call of duty players and other people that want to talk, game and chill. If you feel like you would like to have a good time then you would definitely be a good fit for our discord server.
Gaming | Streaming
ROE English is dedicated to the players who are looking for players in Ring of Elysium. We are the most active server when looking for a group. We have tournaments and events weekly! With over 8000 members, come and join us and let's get some wins!