Gaming | Meme
Un serveur à la cool et de bonne qualité. évidamment fait pour le gaming (N'est pas fait pour les rencontres ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
Gaming | Community
This server is the portal of TeamFearless Rust Service
Political | Community
This is a Box Fort. We don't speak, we don't talk. We simply enjoy our presence in a Box Fort.
Meme | Community
Do you like memes? :100: Our Server Is the Best One for You! - 24/7 supported with bots! - dank memes every hour! - a lot of games! - emojis! - role after joining! - advertising! - anime channel! - art channel! - private voice for special roles! - free chat and voice rooms! - new features everyday! Join us Today!
Community | Entertainment
A Server That Focuses On Raids The Servers Inhabitants Can Vote On And Take Place In!
Anime | Gaming
This server is a server for Dark members , the members of shadow and I create this server to win all the Light Team in the World.
Gaming | eSports
Gaming, Gaming, Gaming !!!
Anime | Community
This server is for enjoyment meeting new people getting along with new friends making things creative, Keeping the server up to date. Allowing people to explore there own being.
Gaming | Community
A laid back server fit for anything, we mainly just hang around and play games together, we don't mind toxicity as long as it doesn't get out of hand.
Community | Social
Poon Slayers is a Discord server mainly focused on game nights. We are all here to joke around due to the fact our main game is Cards Against Humanity.
Community | Meme
Just somewhere to kick back, have a good time and meet new people. No judgment of character here. Just kmoe how to take a joke and respect everyone in here. So waiting for??
Community | Anime
basically its just a hangout place and literally can be turned into all of the categories. put memes, pets, cars and whatnot here. have fun and follow the rules.
Anime | Gaming
Many channels ranging from memes to anime. We are open to suggestions and welcome anyone who joins. offensive words are allowed but if any of them are targeted toward you and you dont like that report them. And ANYONE is welcome
Meme | Community
Have fun in this server ;)
Gaming | Anime
A place for Gamers to get together
Meme | Gaming
Regular discord server. where you can find mates, chill with randoms, listen music with someone
Gaming | YouTuber
pure banter, warzone clips, tips, tricks and good vibes! Please be nice and respect the rules! We are all here to improve and find other players to enjoy the game with!