Music | Art
An Hatari fan Server for people to talk about Hatari. Weekly news updates about Hatari.
Music | Entertainment
We are a gothic music focused server. We welcome goth rock, darkwave, ethereal wave, gothic metal and such. We also accept fans of industrial music, dark ambient, neofolk and witch house. We also include other channels such as gaming, philosophy and a memes channel.
Music | Beliefs
A community of art and magic associated with the Patreon of Michael Idehall.
Music | Community
Join us for black metal sadposting and dark aesthetics. For fans of black metal, metal, noise, post-punk, industrial etc and rym welcome
Music | Art
We do share free samples and software, it's fun here join us! We support LGBTQIA+ (and that's not all) If you’re interested in learning about music production or sharing music of any of these styles, please join us.