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Hi! My name is Adam Faigen. I am an experimental instrumental songwriter who mainly uses just a guitar and looper pedal to create the majority of my music. My albums are out now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, and more!
Music | Community
If you have started composing music, and you want feedback or you have doubts, this is your server. If you want to learn how to create your own music and experiment, this is your server. If you want to discover new music that you wont find anywhere else, this is your server. But if you just look for gore, porn and dark humor like your could find in other underground music servers, the leave botton is up there.
Gaming | Anime
Green Salad Republic is a normal server with an abnormal name. Currently a small member with rapidly growing members and experimental projects being tested constantly with new updates very often. We also have a Minecraft server and plenty of people to talk to about general gaming or other interests and such.
Social | Community
Emoji Talk is an experimental server. The idea is to only have one channel, restricted by bots to only allow one emoji to be sent per message.
Community | Role-Playing
Once you join the server, you pick which corp to join, each with their own unique lore, channels and leaders. Within these corps you will compete in various fun events, earning key points. Working as a team is the name of the game and paves the road to victory!
A place for weird and fun music producers to help each other flourish musically! Spectators welcome!