We have free roles and cool stuff
A dumbass server with cool bots and other shit. We have cool mods and cool shit. This server is mainly 13+ We do allow people under 13 but it doesnt matter to me. No verification required, No verification level.
Come and join to discuss your hate for luigi fools. All gooigi fans welcome.
An RPG/Weeby discord server with customisable characters through reaction roles, and a ranking system that allows you to progress to new areas in the discord. ➣Custom emojis ➣Selectable weapons ➣Levels and level roles
We do memes and other crap here
Teen server for emotional support, memes, and games
Bruh join to cum
A community with a whole new look! 300+ members!
Do you like gaming and anime? Have we got the server for you! Join for Smash Brothers, Movie Nights, and more!
Friendly Minecraft-themed meme server.
An ironic server with almost no rules
This server is for anyone of any age. Gaming, chatting, memeing and just chilling are all supported. Plz no NSFW. Have fun!!!
Now in reality, we don't hate Brayden. This server is really just for talking and making friends and even playing games. The theme of the server is that so don't feel like you shouldn't join haha.
it'll be funny trust me
generally just a small chill server for anyone wishing to share their art or gaming experiences etc, welcoming all types of artists because I see no need to limit or restrict them