Anime | Gaming
Gaming | Streaming
Gaming | Social
Anime | LGBT
We have free roles and cool stuff
Gaming | Hobbies
A dumbass server with cool bots and other shit. We have cool mods and cool shit. This server is mainly 13+ We do allow people under 13 but it doesnt matter to me. No verification required, No verification level.
Meme | Community
Come and join to discuss your hate for luigi fools. All gooigi fans welcome.
Anime | Bot
An RPG/Weeby discord server with customisable characters through reaction roles, and a ranking system that allows you to progress to new areas in the discord. ➣Custom emojis ➣Selectable weapons ➣Levels and level roles
Community | Anime
We do memes and other crap here
Community | Entertainment
Community | Political
Community | Social
Teen server for emotional support, memes, and games
Gaming | Community
Gaming | Anime
Do you like gaming and anime? Have we got the server for you! Join for Smash Brothers, Movie Nights, and more!
Meme | Gaming
Friendly Minecraft-themed meme server.
Meme | Music
An ironic server with almost no rules
Gaming | Social
This server is for anyone of any age. Gaming, chatting, memeing and just chilling are all supported. Plz no NSFW. Have fun!!!
Furry | Meme
We are the opposite of what a furry server should be: No roleplays, no "huggies", no "OwO"s, no drama. Only kek and chill.
Entertainment | Gaming
nah, ya, thats pretty good.
Community | Entertainment
Daily Steam key giveaways and an epic community; what more could you want?...
Community | Meme
Community Server of TheBadMushroom aka Artur Quaresma Share ur artwork (music, drawing,etc) sponsor urself and sell thing like ebay. We have roles tier list, bots. If u want to help to increase server in any way Join and talk to Owner. U can be a staff member but need to gain confidence from Owner Help me and my friends supporting.
Social | Meme
Server pra diversão, kk (