Danganronpa Version 2 (V2) is a brand new OC roleplay with a twist. You didn’t think this would be just any normal killing game, did you? As the title implies, this is a prequel to V3, taking place in the 52nd season of Danganronpa. Yes, that does mean you will come across a certain familiar face... The setting? None other than a train! Will you be able to survive in the confined space, with claustrophobia eating away at you? You’re always moving, but where to? The trial system is set up to be engaging for everyone and replicate the games, Scrum Debates and all! (New as of May 2nd and accepting applications!)
Do you like Danganronpa? That's the only requirement to join Dangan-Madness! We're new and just starting out to build a community, but it's the place to go for all games! Trigger Happy Havoc, Goodbye Despair, Ultra Despair Girls, and Killing Harmony. With a variety of bots, you will not get bored with this. We will soon also have our own killing game roleplay! Join now :)
» [ Danganronpa! ] is a server with lots of stuff to do for new and old Danganronpa fans alike!
Hope's Peak Academy was built to study all talents, however it slowly fell down and is now avaliable through a discord server... jokes aside though, this server was meant for pretty much all danganronpa fans, and non-danganronpa fans! we feature the stuff listed below: - A way too detailed kiling game that I spent just a bit more time than I'd like to admit on! - Not a few danganronpa emotes! - Some info for new peeps! - A streaming night where we stream danganronpa related, and non-danganronpa related stuff!
A Dangaronpa-based killing game roleplay server. The season is currently open and all OCs are allowed!
- You can play in multiple games with the maximum of 3. - Characters that are played in a game can be played in another game too. - You can be the mastermind. - You can submit your own orders for the mastermind to use. - There are rp literate and chat-based channels