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Hello! I'm Makiroll, the owner of Danganronpa: Shattered Reality! What we do here is host Minecraft Killing Games of our own! We normally do maps from the canon game but we also have a non canon map for one of our Killing Games! We try our best to make sure you have the best experience so I do apologize if we do anything wrong! I hope you have a great time here and get in one of our Killing Games!
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the quindex games is a rping server open to those of all skill levels! it is inspired off of the concepts of danganronpa, zero escape, and persona, though no knowledge of those games is required in order to join.
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Hello! This is a Danganronpa roleplay server! It's ocs only, and we're currently looking for moderators! Applications are open until September 2nd. This server also doubles as a safe place, don't hesitate to vent if you need to!
"Welcome. I assume you all know why you've received this letter, but for the rookies among you that don't know, here's the gist of it. Due to an unfortunate tragedy, my right hand man Markus Jeffer has passed away. It is an unfortunate tragedy, but there is no time to mourn. A replacement must be found. Now, many of you have registered to be the replacement for my right hand men, some of you are professionals who have been with us a long time, others are rookies who are too confident or optimistic for their own good. Whoever you are, there are too many of you with great talents and great skills to choose from, so I will be taking the ten best for an audition. Auditions start November 5th." *** On November Fifth you awaken in a place you never seen before. Explore to find out where you are, who are your competitors, and what do you need to do to win. In order to win the position, you must either kill another competitor and get away with it, or be the last one standing.
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Welcome to Danganronpa X: Hopeless Memories! This is a canon-based OC roleplay meant to act as a fanmade installment in the Danganronpa series. We offer an experience reminiscent of the one you would get in the games, with gameplay mechanics, a virtual assistant, and more!
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When you first join, you'll be asked to make a character. If no one is responding, ping a host! -EVENTS!!! -Roles -Roleplay -Danganronpa Prison Theme -Hosts -Welcoming Staff