Gaming | Community pro pubstomping/comp clan. We have also participated in clan wars, but we don't usually grind clan wars.
Gaming | Meme
All Gamers Welcome is a Discord server for Gamers that includes many different topics including anime, memes, call of duty,roblox,fortnite,terraria,minecraft,apex,pac man,krunker,baldis basics,zombsroyale,overwatch, and music.
Gaming | eSports
We are a friendly team & community that plays, Krunker, and Fortnite. We will start hosting events at 100 members. Join us now!
eSports | Gaming
Team Manic is an established and growing gaming organization that is always looking to expand into other games for more competitive teams. If you're a content creator and are looking to secure a partnership with a gaming organization with very reputable partners; GamerSupps (GG) and Sector Six Appar
Community | Gaming
This is a chill sever and also a streamer discord. We have very nice staff members and users
Gaming | Community
This is the Shredder clan discord for Krunker
Gaming | Community
"Jypa Fanclub" is a Discord server for Jypa's follower base. Jypa Fanclub has its own Discord bot which mostly moderates the server.
Programming | Gaming
Discord server for announcing updates and discussing my Private Server source
Community | Meme
im starting a new discord server, i need help so if you want admin dm me and let me know! also help me or tell me what to add! also theres gaming, games, krunker, moomoo, zombsroyale, pokemon, there will be more!
Gaming | Community
Krunker Parkour Hub - A server for all krunker bhoppers / parkourers to join up and play games together, participate in tournaments, enjoy KR giveaways and much more.
Gaming | Social
KYZO is a krunker clan who created !Lexugo#9684 where you can have a great and competitive time while playing with other players.
Gaming | Community
We are a fresh server made specially for all the gamers out there. We ain't a big server right now, but trust me, you'll love it when we gain a bit of members. Also, we will be hiring more server staff soon, so join now!!!
Gaming | Meme
ZEET clan of krunker's official server. You can join to just chat with other Krunker players or to join the clan.
Gaming | Community
Krunker Based friend hangout club
Community | Social
Multiple communities blended together, united by mutual respect, consisting of unique backgrounds and experience. Java edition Minecraft remains our original common interest, but we have expanded beyond our cherished block game into a coffee shop atmosphere. We house the rTGN Clan on and enjoy the Poketwo bot.
Gaming | Anime
we are really active and we are trying to start a new community for every body to have a nice time and have some fun come talk about video games and be a weeb!
eSports | Community
welcome to our server, do check every section help us to grow by subscribing our channel and promote your self as well in the related channel stay active give ideas organize events and gain promotion most importantly enjoy lets create our and be the next big community where each member is recognized.
Gaming | eSports
We are a small community for gamers of many different categories. While Team Dominate is a gaming team the discord server is amazing for hanging out as well as playing games with your friends. this server is the perfect fit for any gamer!
Social | Gaming
Krunker, memes, social, community, fun... JUST JOIN OMG this is way too fun lol