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Ever sat around talking with your friends in your favourite discord server and suddenly a thought pops into your head… "god I'd love a coffee right now". Well, thanks to Coffee Delivery Bot that dream can now come true! With our revolutionary new coffee production and delivery system (Photoshop, Microsoft paint, paper or dirt) we can create anything -so long as it's coffee- and deliver it straight to you and your friends for the low low price of 0$ (delivery charges, worker expenses and interdimensional space travel fees not included). So what are you waiting for? Join the coffee shop now and order a nice cup to drink while you chat with our community members. *warning: do not drink the coffee, we do not take responsibility for: insomnia, nausea, sense of loss, social ineptitude, dismemberment or the spontaneous combustion of taste buds.
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Hey, this is my first server and i'm still workiing on it theres no one here but me my friend and a couple bots plz feel free to drop by, I'm looking for members and staff I'm usually active everyday soo yh we are pretty friendly...Have fun!!
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This is Great Times, a server with one objective - to give you a great time. - Looking for a fun community with bots like Dank Memer, Dyno, Rythm, and more? We also have special channels for general chatting art and even a custom social media network built right into the server. Join us for a great time! - And there is much more to be explored. If you came from this advert DM me and I will give you a special role called: Early Bird