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Kami's Lookout is a very small server that is focused on meeting new people and making new friends. We aim to make Kami's Lookout to feel welcoming to everyone! We have a NSFW channel which is only available for people how are 18+, channels where you can share your art, selfies, cute pet pictures, spam memes and what not! Feeling down? don't worry, we also have a venting channel and awesome supportive members! New Club Members receive one custom role of their choice (Include a HEX code. If the code is taken a staff member will let you know) and get to join one of our two server parties. The Juv Luv Committee or The Juv Protecc Party. Even though our theme is based on DragonBall it is purely not focused on it.
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Hi! Saber's Café is all about making friends and goofing around, however, we do have rules as we don't want mischief upset our customers. You can get your own roles, channel passes (no NSFW though) and you can have ping roles where you get pinged for certain things, (voting, announcements, QOTD etc). You can have fun with bots (only Dank Memer and Mee6 at the moment as we are trying to find more fun bots and I am currently coding one), listen to music and we also hold events! Come and join us, we'll be waiting for you! xo
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invite your friends and lets play ── A fun active, fast-growing server, addictive, chill, socialized & welcoming community that's full of gamers 💙 ﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏ ──:sparkles:︴active voice channels ──:ribbon:︴ Low moderated & chill staff ──:blossom:︴ Movie Nights & Gaming tournaments 🎀 Join now 🤍
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A growing server <3
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A cool server for you to vibe in and make new friends! We are all very chill and friendly! ✨Fun Bots ✨13+ ✨Chill staff and members ✨Looking for new friends to make
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Welcome to the Party Bus! This is a bus-themed Discord server centered around making new friends, sharing interests, and having a good time! Whether you're interested in video games or roleplay, make-up, jewelry, art, or movies, we're happy to share the interest with you! The server also hosts group events, such as Jackbox Party Pack Game Nights, Movie Marathons, or Art Streams! We hope you can hop on and enjoy the ride with us!
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We have e.g the Pokécord bot but we can add anything together!:D
✨Welcome to the Hangout and Chill Server!✨ Here you can make new friends, chill, and vibe. All of our members are non toxic and friendly. This is a very new server, and im looking for moderators too so feel free to join ☺.
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Hoii! We are a pretty small server just looking for some new friends we can share our server with.
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Hello there! welcome to modesa server!🙌 this server is for gamers and weeb 😃 come join and meet new people 😁 also we adding new features daily🎩🔼
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just chill with ussss! ———————————————————— 🌙-12+! 🧸-lgbtq+ friendly! 🌙-sfw! 🧸-small server for making friends!!
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A small community for everyone! Friendly mods, helpful bots, and a lovely capitalist economy.
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We are a server with the main purpose of meeting new people and making friends, we have many bots and channels which we hope will make our server more fun to be in and we are open to any suggestions our members have, we hope to see you there :)
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Hello And Welcome To Dream Lounge!🎉 😁 This Is A Server Just For Chilling And Chatting. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 🎮 You Could Look For A Group To Play Your Favorite Games With Others. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 🛋️ You Could Watch Memes And Chill. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 😎 This Is Mainly Made For Fun And To Meet New People. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 😃 So Come On To Dream Lounge! ----------------------------------------------------------------- 🎉Thank You! Have Fun🎉
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A kpop discord for playing Among us, making friends, gaming, and chilling. A bunch of friends trying to bring others together!
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Hi, hello welcome we are a weird server and offensive, but all for jokes but we're pretty swag.We're Here to just have fun basically
☄️️Based on our server's title, We are a huge space shuttle floating across space, away from negative energies such as hatred and criticism so don't be afraid to express yourself freely!