Community | Gaming
Extremely friendly community focused on chatting and gaming.
Bot | Gaming
Server for pokemon bots
Gaming | Entertainment
🦌we are a teen gaming/chill server where we mostly play minecraft and host game night events with games such as cards against humanity or among us!🦌 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☁️if you love to chat, use dank memer, or play games with friendly people, this server is for you!☁️ ✨we host game nights around once a week on cah/jackbox games/minecraft/among us✨ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- what we have: }- no strict rules and chill mods }- organized channels }- gaming sessions }- plenty of color roles }- we love to play with bots like dank memer and mew bot(pokemon bot) and will add new bots on request }- self promos allowed }- a counting channel }- most importantly, a friendly and inclusive community!
Gaming | Anime
We strive to create a friendly & welcoming Pokémon server. We hope to add more events, giveaways and other fun things in the near future. So join this growing community and look forward to everything we have in store. - Colour Roles - We have our very own Economy System, get rewards in our shop, including special roles just by chatting with the active community -Events --> Tournaments --> Trivia --> Art Contests --> Many Game events hosted by the community including Among Us, Skribble, SSBU and much more! - We have our own Cafe Challenge, fight our baristas (gym leaders) and earn yourself some sweet roles. Want a bigger challenge? Take down our E4 and become the Cafe Champion! -Lots of giveaways --> tons of great mons and credits -Chill in our music rooms with groovy and rythm -Partnerships (let's grow our servers together^^) -Pokemon Bots --> Mewbot --> Poketwo --> Myuu --> Pokéverse