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Milk Vibe is a new server where people and come and have milk and vibe. It is a new server so please join right now and help us out to grow this server, and if you join this server right now then you will receive an event role called "server veteran"! so please join us and come vibe, thank you!
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A entire discord all about M I L K!! Make friends, talk about milk, hate on fox(dont ask), game with other and all sorts of stuff!!!
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Milk and it's best attributes are accepted! You can make anything into milk! We are here to earn our milky rights and to worship our god Smii7y., Cards Against Humanity and wonderful server calls also occur. We are not just milk soldiers in battle but brothers and sisters so come and have fun and enjoy all the milky memes.
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A collection of the most dedicated Arby's fans. has a welcoming community, active mods and admins, and the meats!
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Fun milky server!
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Meme | Education
I do not own any friends, my basement is clean and so am I. I want someone to talk to and who shares my interest in drinking raw cold milk.
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thicc ppOverheat Meme server Join for: » Good community » Memes » MILK » Giveaways » Partnership » Music » Community Events Make sure to read the rules.
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Milk & Mocha - This Server Features Emotes of Milk and Mocha The Beloved Bears.
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A social server in which we hang out and have some jolly times. We host jackbox and other party games from time to time and play other games if asked to. Overall it's a social server with a mascot named Almond and hope you join as well.